September 28, 2020
Navajo Nation 2020 Census Newsletter
There's still time! We can do this!
We have less than 3 days left for residents in Diné Bikéyah to complete their 2020 Census. We have all done an amazing job getting the word out and hosting events or attending Census events in our communities. And we see this as the self-response rates continue to go up!

Though you may have heard news reports about the Navajo Nation and nonprofit groups challenging the U.S. Census Bureau's decision to end the 2020 Census early, we at the NM Native Census Coalition are still working toward the September 30 deadline because of the uncertainty in the court's decision and the Trump administration's appeal. Read our statement on the court's ruling.

And there is still time to do this! Below are a number of last-minute tactics and events to get the word out:

  • Place Census flyers in food distribution bags and boxes.
  • Post social media memes on your Chapter House social media sites, websites and personal social pages. We have also included instructions on how to download and post.
  • Tag someone on social media (images and details below) and encourage them to do the same.
  • Go live on social media to talk about the Census or include the subject as a topic in Chapter meetings. We have a toolkit to help with talking about the Census and its importance.
  • Talk about the incentives associated with the Census (details below).
  • Share the Calendar events page, and Chapter House and Shopping Center mobile assistance flyers from the Navajo Nation Census Office.

Though we do not currently know what the outcome of the court case against the U.S. Census Bureau will be, we will provide updates on our website as we confirm them. We will also have our weekly NM Native Census Coalition Zoom call this Friday, October from 10:30 am to noon to provide an update. Here is the the information to join our weekly call:

Link by internet:

By phone # 346-248-7799

Meeting ID: 885 2562 0248
Password: tribal

Please email us at if you have trouble signing onto this meeting.
Tag someone on social media to encourage Census participation
Share this image to the right on social media and tag 4 or more people in your post to encourage people who may not have gotten around to completing the 2020 Census. The post content should a personal testimony of why the Census matters to you followed by a call to action. Download the instructions and image here.

For example, you can talk about education, health care, roads or housing, such as in this post below:

“Friends! The Census is incredibly important to me and my family because it provides funding for UNM Hospital, which Abbie depends on for her heart condition. I wouldn’t ask if it didn’t matter but it does! Please get counted today and share this with 4 more friends! You can get counted online at or by phone at 844-330-2020. Please do it today!”

The NM Native Census Coalition has included the hashtags #nmnativescount in our posts. And feel free to tag us @nmnativecensuscoalition on Facebook, and @nmnativecensus on Instagram and Twitter.
Complete the 2020 Census and receive a prepaid Mastercard®
Please tell your family and friends that when they complete the 2020 Census, they can receive a prepaid Mastercard, which will be delivered to their cell phone. The above video shows details on how to receive the card.
A prepaid Mastercard will be received via text when you submit your Census confirmation. To receive the card, follow this three step process:

1. Complete the 2020 Census. Complete the form at Then take a screenshot, photo or copy your Census confirmation number for submission.

2. Submit the confirmation. Submit the screenshot, photo or confirmation # when filling out this form at OR text it to 505-207-3211. Once you have submitted your confirmation number, the prepaid Mastercard® will be delivered directly to your phone.

3. Use your card. The card can be used where debit Mastercard is accepted on online, such as phone or mail orders, or in stores that accept mobile wallet.
How to fill out the form without a physical address using GIS coordinates
We have created a step-by-step video to help those without street addresses complete the 2020 Census using GIS or Geographic Information System coordinates from your phone or computer to help provide a more accurate location to a household. You can also download a supplemental flyer to show these steps on paper as well, which can be downloaded at:

Email us at for questions.
The NM Native Census Coalition is a product of the NAVA Education Project.