February 2021
  • Saving time, money and more!
  • Protect your expensive electronics.
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  • Are you ready to be Wiser?
  • Solar saves!
  • Another tax credit extended.
  • From the scratching post: This kitty needs a home!
  • We’re hiring (multiple positions)
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Saving Time, Money and More!
Protect Your Expensive Electronics

Whether it’s working from home, distance learning or life-saving medical equipment, customers are more dependent on electronic devices now more than ever before. If you’ve installed a Tesla Powerwall, EV charger or solar panels, you want to ensure your investment is protected!
Whole house surge protectors are designed to protect your expensive devices against damage from electrical spikes that can cause them to fail over time. A surge protector is a valuable component to the safety and efficiency of your home electronics and are backed by the manufacturers’ $25,000 guarantee! Visit our website to learn more about having one of our qualified technicians install a whole house surge protector in your home. 
Solar Saves!
The California sunshine is going to radiate on your roof, so you may as well put it to work! Connected Technology tailors each solar energy system to the customer’s home so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need — no overbuying or overpriced systems here. Best of all, you own the panels which means YOU get the tax credit. Leasing them would mean the leasing company gets the credit and that just wouldn’t feel right to us. Let’s get those panels up and start saving on your electricity bills! Call us at 916-824-1800 or visit us at connected-technology.com/solar-install/.
*** Another Tax Credit Extended! ***

Last month we told you that the solar tax credit was extended and now the EV charger tax credit has been extended until December 31, 2021 as well! What a difference it makes to be able to charge your electric vehicle at home. Never leave for work on “empty” again! You may also qualify for a rebate. Check out the details on our website or call for an appointment today!
Are You Ready to Get Wiser?

The Wiser smart home energy monitor is going to become your favorite app as you monitor where your electricity is being put to use. Installed in your home's electrical panel, the monitor provides you real-time energy usage and spots inefficiencies (who left the lights on again??). The monitor helps you set and track energy goals which means saving you money. Worrying if you left the iron on or if you closed the garage door is a thing of the past — the app will track it all! Just $565 installed by one of our qualified technicians will start you saving money and resources today. See our website for more information or call us for an appointment!
Connected Technology’s
Cat Sponsorship Program

Bella, Caspian and Shasta, our feline kids, have enhanced our lives tremendously and since we'd like others to experience the joy they bring, we've begun an adoption sponsorship program through the FieldHaven Feline Center in Lincoln, CA.

Make this Valentine’s Day purr-fect and bring home the warmth and personality of one of the cats at FieldHaven. We will cover all adoption fees for anyone who adopts our specially-chosen cat.

Click here and scroll down to read my story.
Octavio says: "Please contact FieldHaven Feline Center to learn how to adopt me. I will be forever grateful."

Due to COVID the shelter is operating at limited capacity but they are still offering cat adoptions and are always looking for volunteers. You can learn more at fieldhaven.com
Do you want to be part of an amazing team?

Do you want to love your job? We are currently hiring for multiple positions. We provide competitive salary and exceptional benefits including health insurance, paid holidays and paid time off. If you or anyone you know would be a great fit, please read the full job postings here and apply online.
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