Welcome to A Generous LIFE!

The stewardship team at Lord of Life has been collecting stories of God’s abundance revealed through the life and action of our congregation. We hope you enjoy reading about how your friends, pew-mates, and fellow disciples have been touched by God’s grace and are being led to lives of generosity.

Annette Haut came to Lord of Life looking for a place to worship, learn, fellowship, and serve. She and her husband had been recommended to Lord of Life by their previous pastor, who was friends with Lord of Life’s pastor at that time, Chuck Kindsvatter. That connection with Pastor Chuck made Annette feel at home immediately. She has always believed that one feels at home when one invests, so she got involved in different ministries right away.

Annette appreciates how broadly Lord of Life tries to impact and connect with the world. She also likes the wide variety of groups, committees and activities that Lord of Life offers.

Generosity comes naturally to Annette. She stated, “I believe, ultimately, that nothing is really mine – it is all a gift.” She said that she can easily share what she has. She supports our church financially and with gifts of service because she feels called to contribute out into the world, and she enjoys doing that through the church.

Standing in her yard of butterfly-attracting plants, Annette talked about how important service is to her. Contributing is something that she has the ability and the heart to offer, as a woman who raised her children and volunteered rather than pursue a high-salaried career.

Annette hopes that the next generation to call Lord of Life their church home will continue to believe, to grow in faith, to find ways to serve, to connect with others, and to learn how to be what God desires for each of us in this world.

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