At Heart of the Father Ministries, our mission is to see every person find freedom in the Father’s love and we are always looking for new ways to spread this love through the message of Unbound.

We’ve heard from so many of you, asking us for simple tools that would allow you to easily share with loved ones—what is Unbound and how can it help? And we’ve set some big goals in response! Our aim, by the end of 2019, is to produce two new resources that are highly compelling and simple to share: an Unbound vision video and a “What is Unbound?” trifold.

Through these resources we are especially hoping to break down barriers and reach new audiences— those who would never pick up a book, attend an event, or watch a conference video .

Would you help us turn these plans into reality? We’ll do the work if you’ll make the gift! Help us to empower you , to share the freedom you’ve found with the ones you love, by making a special, one-time donation to this campaign!