“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
– Helen Keller.
What happens when an entire
community experiences trauma?

What happens when the entire world
experiences global trauma?

This is totally new ground for us.

We have to use parallel research to explore how
to further incite global healing.
Trauma Not Transformed is Trauma Transferred
with Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri

How do we transform our trauma rather than transfer it?
Fostering Resilience in Traumatized Communities
Community Healing and Reconciliation
Healing our Nation Starts at the Community Level
Trauma Informed Community Building and Engagement
Beyond Trauma Informed Care
We have shifted to a "drop-in and ondemand"
structure for these two courses:

☞45 hour crime victims advocate course
☞Trauma Informed Leaders

When you register, you will receive an email directly from Myra Strand within 72 hours. You will schedule a time to meet with her via zoom in order to conduct the course orientation (unless you need to use another platform due to zoom limitations). 

After the orientation, you have 3 months to date to
complete the course on your own time.

Begin your learning today!
I love being a member of the criminal justice community. I know that most of you have hearts of gold are here for all of the right reasons. When I first heard this song- I thought of you!
Beyonce: I was Here