Dear Client, Family member or Friend,  

This month around the world we celebrate  love and friendship.  As I thought about writing this, I realize that  in my practice I hear and see how many of my clients struggle with loving oneself. It is very simple and easy for every one of us to love, care and be there for others, even if that means not to take care of ourselves.  So today I want to challenge you to make this February/Valentine's month a month to 1st LOVE YOURSELF.  Yes, I said first love yourself.  When you are on a plane, do you remember being told that if you are traveling with any one who requires your assistance, to please put the air mask on yourself first, then on the person you are traveling with.  Also in the bible it says to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  It begins with us my family, friend and clients.  It is a CHOICE we have to make.  I encourage you to become aware of what you need to change,  what do you need to stop doing, what do you need to start doing.  Let February be a month of change for you.  Begin to love yourself as maybe never before.  You might get criticized, you may be told that it is selfish but it is called self love.  Remember that our health of body, mind and spirit is Our Responsibility.  Let this month be a month of experiencing things you have never allowed yourself to do.  Maybe a massage, a colonic, begin juicing, begin to take control of where your health is going,  go for a walk on the beach, let go of some relationships that are harming you more than enhancing you, allow yourself to grow in your spiritual walk/your faith, begin to write your thoughts, let go of those fears that are inhibiting your growth.  Begin to LOVE YOURSELF. 

I truly wish that by loving yourself first, you can discover how valuable, beautiful, special, unique, precious & talented you really are.  As you begin to love yourself, you will begin to share that self love with your family & friends.  They will notice a change in you.  They will notice a glow in you.  They will notice a new smile on you, They will notice better health of body, mind and spirit in you.  They will ask, what are you doing different? and you will be able to say to them that you are now loving yourself first.  When you share this, you will then be paying it forward and encouraging them to begin to love themselves.  

Till next time.    

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