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Oct 11th @ 5:30 pm until 8:30pm
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As Fall weather slowly seeps into our bones, take a moment to take care of the most important person you can help. Yourself! If you aren't tending to yourself; at some point it will catch up to you. Then you will not get the chance to "Treat Yo Self"! That would be a major shame.
There are many words and emotions that may come to mind after receiving new information or statistics. Emotions such as surprise, disgust, pride, anger, are emotions we have all encountered.  Any number of factors can influence our response upon being presented with new statistics or information. Stats such as t he rate of serious violent crime 2009-2015 (rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault) for persons with disabilities was more than three times the rate for persons without disabilities*.

Disability and Being a Victim
stats for people with disabilities and sexual violence.
Persons with cognitive disabilities had the highest risk of violent victimization
GRAPH of violent crimes 
comparing people with disabilities to people without disabilities
Ages ranging from 12-64 at time of crime.

Ph.D in Adapting and Problem Solving
the Dr. is in
Just like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, daily life with a disability is about problem solving. While the typical daily issues aren’t as complex as a Rubik’s Cube and after a time or two of the same obstacle, the problem/task becomes easier.  How you go about solving and working through problems are completely up to you. Often through trial and error we can get to our end goal. Just may not be in a time effective manner. After enough time, problem encounters, and going through strategies a person with a disability practically has earned their Ph.D. in Adapting and Problem Solving.

First things first, patience is an underrated virtue. Personally, as a Quad with no dexterity in my hands I encounter this on a nearly daily basis. How will I “grab” something, open it, pick it up, hold it in my possession without dropping/spilling/breaking or opening it accidentally. Continue reading here

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dog the Bounty Hunter Fighting to Save Souls from Addiction.
Did you know that people with disabilities are much more likely to struggle with a dependency on substances because of preexisting conditions? 
It is always a delicate balancing act between controlling pain and addiction. Anyone can find themselves in the perfect storm like Duane after a recent back surgery. It took some work to give up the pain pills, with the support of his wife Beth, Dog was able to shed the meds. When you're arguably the most famous bounty hunter in the world; dealing with people caught in the grip of addiction is just part of the job. Duane Chapman better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his beloved wife Beth, a recent cancer survivor, have made it their mission to make a difference.

Dog brought his message to the Michigan Theater in Jackson of never give up on anybody. There is always hope. He asked the intimate gathering; “Do you know of people that need treatment? If you do, get them to me and my friends and we will work to save their lives".

"I WANT TO TRY THAT!" a section featuring new technology, an innovation, idea, modification, anything that can help progress people with disabilities into a new experience.