April | 2021
What is a Fuel Cost Adjustment and
Why Does It Matter?
Remember the winter storm in February when we asked our members to limit the use of electricity to avoid rolling blackouts? Arkansas Valley Electric members were fortunate to have been able to keep their lights on and we’re proud of everyone who helped make that happen.
Because that snowstorm was an extreme event, the prices of natural resources to generate electricity have increased over the last few months. That means the pass-through cost our members receive each month, will be a higher over the coming months. This cost is called a fuel cost adjustment. To learn more about what this means, read “What is a Fuel Cost Adjustment and Why Does It Matter?”
Employee Spotlight
Substation Coordinator | 28 years

“As a Substation Coordinator, I maintain and improve substation and distribution system and equipment. My favorite part about working at Arkansas Valley Electric is the environment in general, but especially the people I work for and with on a daily basis. I also enjoy getting out in our distribution areas to work on power lines.”
Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month
Wave Rural Connect has officially opened another zone in your area! (Johnnie King)
We're taking orders now, so contact us by visiting www.waveruralconnect.com or call 1 (833) 4WAVERC.