Wednesday night, brother, is meeting night!
This week we start focusing on the virtue of MERCY along with Kapaun's Men.

I totally forgot last week to include a link to the Amici di Giuseppe program through Paradisus Dei, the producers of That Man is You! I'm sorry! Here is the link if you are interested in that worthwhile program that Steve Bollman talked about in the last week of the curriculum.

Those of you who missed last week, missed out on the story of Father Kapaun's life. You can watch the episode on If you are not a member yet, create an account by using the parish's link at .

This week we will continue curriculum called Kapaun's Men. It is based on the life of Father Emil Kapaun. Last week, we learned about his life. This week, we begin to focus on the virtues related to his life that we should have in our own. Don't forget our challenge to pray the Hail Mary three times in the morning and three times in the evening every day and to ask for an increase of faith, hope, and love while doing so.

Don't forget that I will be stepping away from the leadership of St. Joseph's Evening Workshop in the fall. I will continue with the group, but need time for other obligations. Some of the small group leaders are being encouraged to take over some of what I have been doing, but that means more small group leaders would be needed to take their places. Pray about how you might be able to take over those roles in the fall. Talk with your own small group leader or with me for more details. Don't worry, none of what we do is difficult, time consuming, or too much for you!
Father Emil Kapaun celebrating mass out in the field of combat using a Jeep as an altar.
Flyer for an upcoming retreat. As good Catholics, we should also take part in at least one retreat a year to help us deepen our faith.