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These are unprecedented times for us all, bringing  a huge impact to our workplaces . Many employees are being encouraged or required to work from home. For some, this may not be new. For others, it could lead to lack of normalcy, as well as feelings of isolation or anxiety. Whichever the case, the pandemic is definitely putting a strain on all of us, causing havoc with our routines and uncertainty about what will happen next.
Our team has been brainstorming ways to make this a rewarding and productive time despite the disruptive circumstances.  We want to help you build momentum instead of backtrack  over this period. It seems there is no better time to take control where we can. One opportunity to do that is to focus on the human side of our workplace dynamics .

Let us support you in a customized way, at no charge. The PeopleSense Consulting team is offering a  FREE CONSULTATION for  any  client who wants to continue the learning we have already begun. 
We want to empower you and your team when you need it most. How could you use your FREE 30 minutes? Here are some examples: 

  • Create an Action Plan based on info from the in-person Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program you attended with us. We get it; while a day of professional development can be really inspiring, the materials and reports often end up in a drawer. Now is the ideal time to pull them out!!! Working alongside Jeni Callihan, create an 'Action Plan' to put this valuable information into practice. When things are back in full swing, you’ll be at your best.

  • Review a PXT Select report for an employee who is now struggling. If you’re a manager who has been meaning to address the issue of an underperforming team member, this is a valuable time of reflection to help you make decisions. We’re right here to put things in perspective so you can create the best outcomes for everyone involved.

  • Debrief a new (or maybe even not-so-new!) employee on their PXT Select results. This lull offers an excellent opportunity to discuss strategic ways to unleash a team member’s full potential within your organization.

  • Loop back to any of the important discoveries, questions, projects, or ideas our collaboration brought up for you. We would love to touch base and learn how we can support the goals you’re moving toward right now.

It’s easy to feel distracted (and perhaps disheartened) during this challenging time. But here’s a great chance to come together (virtually!) and put your skills/time/energy to use. We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique offer. Talk soon!
“It is not how we live in the light that enlightens us, it is how we live in the dark.”
— Rune Lazuli
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About Robin and PeopleSense Consulting
PeopleSense offers  consulting  and  online resources  to support managers who want to unleash their leadership potential.  Robin and her team use a variety of creative strategies, including world-class assessments along with an innovative approach that involves animals as teachers. She is an Authorized Partner for PXT Select™, Everything DiSC®, and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.  

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