July Newsletter 2018
Wishing You and Your Family a Happy and Safe July 4th!
Did you know that New Dimensions offers FREE Financial Education?
We'd like to start an important conversation with you about your financial goals...
It's a fact: people sometimes need financial education, but don't know where to find resources that addresses their specific needs. 👜 ?
😐 Where can I get budgeting one-on-one assistance?
At New Dimensions, we have a Director of Financial Education who is available to assist you with setting a budget that works with your lifestyle and can help to improve your credit score. 😁
What if I am an employer who would like to have a financial education session brought to my workplace? 👔👚
Great question! You would be in good hands with NDFCU, as we offer on-site financial education! We will come during a lunch hour and we'll even provide lunch! 🍴

As a free service to your business, you will be able to offer this valuable educational session as a benefit to your employees. 👍
What if we told you we also offer frequent educational seminars in the evenings, right at our Waterville branch? It's true! And we will even provide dinner for our attendees to enjoy while they learn. 🍕
👍 Wow! That's great! What kind of topics are offered? Would I benefit from attending? 😏
Oh Yes! We frequently survey our members to see what types of topics are needed. We want to provide important education and information that resonates with the challenges our members face everyday. Our goal is to provide the most innovative, easy to apply solutions to our members so that they are able to reach their desired goals and dreams.
Sounds Great! 😍 I love the idea of being able to effectively budget my finances so I can finally get ahead--and stay ahead!! How do I get more information about these FREE educational sessions? 👀
Contact Tanya Verzoni at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com or (800) 326-6190. She is available to set up an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.
Or Visit....

61 Grove Street, Waterville
72 Cony Street, Augusta
316 Benton Avenue, Winslow
245 Madison Avenue, Skowhegan

In the meantime, check out Tanya's Tips at newdimensionsfcu.com for all of her latest money saving financial tips.