Empowering Our Youth to Strengthen Our Democracy

2023 No. 7

Dear Debbie,

We are ecstatic about the strong turnout among Black voters in Virginia's election this week! And we know we had an impact on that turnout. We reached almost one out of every two Black registered voters in Virginia with our get-out-the-vote messages.

Our interns, along with other grassroots organizers, turned the tide in the state of Virginia with results in this week's election that were nothing short of spectacular. This election has ensured that Virginia will retain reproductive rights, voting rights, gun control, legislation to save the climate, and much more. All the hard work our interns did made a difference! 

Intern Yakira Wardlaw of Howard University shows off the postcards written at one of her postcard parties.

Our 35 fall political organizer interns recruited 925 volunteers – most of them fellow college students – to write postcards to voters.

Together, the interns and their volunteers wrote and mailed more than 16,000 postcards. (At one postcard party organized by two interns at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, volunteers wrote 1,000 postcards in two hours!)

Our interns made over 14,000 phone calls to provide voters with information about when and where to vote.

We reached almost a million young Virginians on social media with our interns' get-out-the-vote ads !!

Although this is a time to celebrate, it is not a time to rest. We are already gearing up to do in North Carolina and Georgia next year what we just did in Virginia.  

Our work is made possible by your support. Thank you!

With hope for our democracy,
Claire Ullman & Sandra Radoff
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