eUpdate - January 19, 2018
West County's Generous Support Brightened the Holidays for Verde School Children!
Thank you for supporting North Richmond kids
Our 19th Annual Verde Elementary School Book & Hoodie Drive in North Richmond was another great success.

Thanks to donations from West County residents, businesses and nonprofits, we were able to provide books, tote bags, toys and custom school spirit hoodies to all 330 students at the school. 

In December, we hosted an event at the school with the help of parents, teachers and volunteers. Here's great  photos that capture the kids' joy and appreciation.  

Nearly all the students at this amazing school come from low-income families who are working hard to support their children's success. 

The custom hoodies were purchased from a local business, Leftside Printing, owned by community leader Diego Garcia.  West County READS! provided the books;  Their Angels Military Support Group provided the toy stockings; Chevron donated the tote bags; and CHDC of North Richmond served as our fiscal agent to accept checks. 

We raised a substantial amount of funds at our office's Holiday Party and Open House in December. We had a great turnout where community members enjoyed food (including my homemade pumpkin pie) and conversation, and donated to the kids in North Richmond. Here is a photo gallery of that event. 

I'm proud to represent a community that comes together to help others, especially our children and families in greatest need. 

We thank all those who donated this year (listed in random order). 
  • Jake Sloan
  • Luz Gomez
  • Walter and Gretchen Gillfillan
  • Judith Tannenbaum
  • Stuart and Barbara Bunn Mccullough
  • David Hampton and Lillian Fujimoto
  • Joseph Doser
  • Kate Sibley and Cindy Beitman
  • Gloria Ruef and Esther Fuemmeler
  • Jimmy Prater
  • Ebony Elites Civic and Social Club/Brenda Shaheed
  • James Graggs
  • Darlene Fahmie
  • Joan Bartulovich
  • Sheriff's Charities Inc./Sheriff David Livingston
  • Gilbert Patchett
  • Jim McMillan
  • Kenneth Hempel
  • Birthe Kirsch
  • Jennifer June
  • Marsha Mather-Thrift
  • Beatrice Hartman
  • Mark and Vicki Winston
  • Elinor Blake
  • Nicholas Despota and Nel Benningshof
  • Robert Rogers
  • Jonee Grassi
  • CCC Defenders Association/Ali Saidi
  • Janet Schilling
  • Rotary Club of Marin Evening Foundation
  • Michael and Marva Lyons
  • Donald Bastin
  • North Richmond Missionary Baptist Church/Rev. Mitchell
  • Jeffrey Inglis and Sherry Stanley
  • Tom Panas and Ann Duveneck
  • Arthur and Susan Walenta
  • Janis Hashe
  • Fatima Alleyne
  • Urban Transformation
  • Don 'Buzz' Fowler
  • Sheryl Lane
  • Annie Hayes
  • Eric Aaholm
  • Lynn and Alan La Pointe
  • Eve Ma
  • Raul and Anna Lucina Parada
  • Eric Peterson and Min Zhao
  • Joseph Pulido
  • Richmond Promise/Jessie Stewart
  • Dr. Henry Clark
  • Bill Whitney/CCC Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Rodney and Sarah Paul
  • Camilla Rand and Scott Sanger
  • Jeffrey Rubin and Norma Martinez-Rubin
  • Marena Brown
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Steve Fowler and Mary Hoffman
  • Sharon Scharm and Edward Foster Harris
  • Republic Services Inc.
  • Mark Howe
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