An Evening to Remember
We are Soldiers of Valor (Liberators) all over 90 years old, who freed thousands of people from Hitler’s concentration camps. Standing above us are the Fort Hamilton High School Tiger Battalion, all under the age of 18, with Sgt Cruz, an active United State Marine. We are of different generations demonstrating and working together, supporting tolerance and world peace. It was a memorable and enjoyable evening. 

  Dear Friend,

We are so very sorry that you did not receive this letter of gratitude, thanking you for your May 30th, 2019 support. Because of you, we had one of the most historic and incredible moments in history. We were honored to have had Holocaust survivors, their Liberators (Soldiers of Valor) Active Members from the United States Armed Forces, Cadets from the Fort Hamilton High School Battalion, Educators, Parents, Students, people from all ethnic groups, celebrating life and taking positive steps to prevent future atrocities from ever happening again. Also, we announced that on May 13, 2019, we acquired the Coach Bus, to be converted into our future “Tour for Tolerance” (TFT) High-Tech classroom. 
The TFT bus will be transformed with advanced interactive technological components, holograms, and other instruments for the teaching of tolerance, empathy, compassion, and inclusion; educating, influencing and empowering more than 50,000 thousand students per year. The evening was undoubtedly engaging, historical, powerfully entertaining with inspiring hope for the future.
Please see some of the evening's pictures below and Click to see the Magazine. 
We are the Fort Hamilton Tiger Battalion. We are glad to Honor Sally Frishberg Holocaust survivor who taught at our Fort Hamilton High School from 1958 -1991.
Paul and Peggy Bernstein received the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, Citation Award along with, Dimitry Lokanzov, Soldier of Valor

Paul and his brother Sandford C. (Zelman) Bernstein, are the Founders of the firm, Sanford C. Bernstein. It is now Alliance Bernstein.
The Firm was one of America’s most significant investment and revolutionary research firm at its time.
Dimitry Lokanzov is the epitome of a True Soldier. He and His Unit were fearless fighters; they freed thousands of people from the Nazis Concentration Camps
Soldier of Valor and Liberator, Anastasia Braverman, with
the Stuyvesant High School Symphony Ensemble.
It was indeed a wonderful evening
Above, are some of the Honorees of the evening. They are Holocaust survivors, their Liberators, Educators, and active members from the United States Marines Corps.

It was a pleasure and a learnable experience to have sat with these men and woman and listened to their stories about their family, what they did as children, how they survived the evils of Nazism, and how they overcame the insurmountable challenges. 
We did it
Here is the bus!
We are grateful to Governor Cuomo and his staff; Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his staff; 
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, Council Member Mathieu Eugene, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, and his staff; New York City Council Member Chaim Deutsch, Mathylde Frontus Assemblywoman, Assemblyman William Colton, and all the political leaders who supported us at this momentous occasions
Cantor, and Rabbi, Leslie Rimer sang the American and the Israeli National anthem for the evening
Rev. Miriam Gross, Pastor of the German Episcopalian Church of New York, Anna Malkina, Soldier of Valor, Dimitry Lokanzov, Soldier of Valor, Andy Baron, one of TFT’s strong supporters throughout the years, Weiner Rich Holocaust survivor, and Sammi Stegmann Holocaust survivor, all shared a wonderful evening with us.
Bill Tingling, is indeed grateful to Marvin Scott, the Senior Correspondent at WPIX 11 News, and Dr. Ruth for their strong support for tolerance, and supporting our “Tour for Tolerance” (TFT) revolutionary concept, where with one of our technologically converted bus, we will be able to educate, influence and empower more than 50 thousand students per year.  
Mark Mayer Appell
Our nation’s cities have been torn apart with way too many episodes of race wars, gang violence, anti-Semitism, anti-­Christian, and biased incidences,” declares Mark Meyer Appel the Master of Ceremony of the evening, and the President of the Bridge. The flames of HATE must be extinguished. We have worked hard as Americans to make this country a democracy and we must fight to preserve it,” proclaims Appel.
He Founded the Bridge a multicultural advocacy project, a unity center for New York's diverse' populations that aims to address issues across cultural lines.
The Bridge has become a home and a central headquarters for all of New York’s diverse population. Mark’s vision is for the Bridge is to have a community space where leaders meet to collaborate ideas, with community­ driven events for a change. Creative ideas to be utilized as a resource to our communities as we diligently serve the people.  

Above, are Holocaust survivors, Witnesses to the horrors that Hitler wrath on humans, and the Soldiers who liberated thousands of people from the Nazis Concentration Camps. 
We are all working together to raise funds to convert the TFT bus into a High- Tech Classroom. The TFT Bus is the first of its kind in the United States, and we need your financial help.
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