When Native Americans greet one another it is standard protocol to start by saying their name, clan, and tribe. Today, I want to teach you how to introduce yourself, by saying your name in Ojibwe, Oneida, and Menominee. 

Ojibwe: Say, your (name) nindizhinikaaz (nind-izh-i-ni-kaaz). Nindizhinikaaz means “I am called.”

Oneida: Say, your (name) niyukyats (nee-yoon-gy-ets). Niyukyats means “I am called.”

Menominee: Say, your (name) eneq aeswiisiyan (e-nik as-wee-see-yan). Eneq aeswiisiyan means “I am called.”

I want to encourage you to learn these greetings and use them when introducing yourself to an indigenous person. Introducing yourself in one of these languages can go a long way toward building relational capacity and trust, which then opens the door to share your faith.

On September 1st, 2020, just 11 days before launching, we concluded the last of 5 launch team meetings. In each of the meetings, we covered topics regarding the story, vision, health, marketing & awareness, community connections, team building, serving, location, worship, fundraising, growth, budgeting, and next steps for the church.

Our initial goal was to have these meetings completed at the end of July, but due to Covid-19 that was not possible.

Our launch team meetings took place on the same day we normally hosted our mid-week prayer gathering. On September 8th, 2020, we were able to resume our midweek gathering.

The mid-week gathering provides families the opportunity to connect, pray, and build relationships with one another
On September 12th, we held our inaugural service, there were nearly 75 people in attendance.

We want to thank Patricia McCollum (Arbor Opportunities) for taking such amazing photos of the launch and for putting together this VIDEO of the launch day. Please take a few minutes to watch!

Since launching 3 individuals have given their lives to Jesus Christ! Chi-miigwech (thank you very much) for your support and prayers. Native American ministry is like a slow roaster, meaning it takes a long time to gain traction and see breakthrough. Please continue to pray, give, and offer words of encouragement as we gather the harvest in the Milwaukee Metro Area.

5 other Assembly of God churches also launched on the same day we did. We are thankful for the Church Multiplication Network for their support. Please remember to pray for new and existing churches.


As the launch date approached, several members of the launch team took some time to fast and pray. During this time, God highlighted the theme VICTORY.

“Over the last two years, prior to launching the church, we have experienced victory. Whether it was in the form of salvations, rededications, water baptisms, spirit baptisms, or answered prayer(s)
God has been blessing us tremendously.”
- Jacob Valtierra, Lead Pastor 

Prayer has been the main component in the foundation of The Gathering Place. Because you have partnered with us in prayer, you also share in what God is doing through us. Keep praying, keep interceding, keep sending words of encouragement, keep giving, we are advancing God’s Kingdom as ONE BODY.