Veterans Bridge Home joins our fellow Americans who are angry, mournful, disappointed and are protesting to change the legacy of racial prejudice, systemic discrimination and unequal treatment which continue to plague our country.

VBH cares deeply about our country, consequently we are committed as an ally in the fight for equality and the elimination of systemic bias and racism. The struggle over inequality for our black neighbors is not a new challenge. Nor is it a challenge to which our veterans are immune.

We see our fellow Veterans, of all races, as allies in this fight. We have fought alongside one another; now we must fight FOR one another. No matter the branch of our service or the color of our skin, our oath is the same, “Support and defend the Constitution”. A Constitution which affirms the rights of equality, free speech, and peaceful assembly. Together we must continue to serve and fight for these rights for all.

VBH was founded on the principle of connection by bridging differences across communities. We remain dedicated to this principle and we see the current events as an opportunity to reflect and ensure we are doing all we can to help tackle these important issues.

Our board and staff are committed to listening, understanding, and taking action to improve the lack of justice and change the inequalities that exist in our community. We invite all our supporters, partners, families, friends, and Veterans to do the same. 
Next Steps:
Community Conversation:

We invite you to join us at this month's Uptown Lunch on Wednesday, June 10th. We will be hosting a conversation with Marine Corps Veteran Glenn Proctor and Local Reporter Michael Graff about the demonstrations and protests in Charlotte and what veterans can contribute to a more just community. This virtual lunch will start at noon. RSVP  here .
Military Leadership Statements:

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the service chiefs from across the Department of Defense have released statements in support of African Americans and in recognition of their feelings of anger, grief, and sadness. Read their words here: