April 2021 | Issue 28
Make your own Wooden Bead Wreath. Maker kits for this project are available at all DPLS locations while supplies last.
Featured MakerSpace Equipment
Anycubic Photon Resin 3D Printer

We noticed here at the library, many 3D print projects were small figurines, so we decided to get a resin 3D printer to get better detail in these types of prints.

  • Uses an LCD photon screen to harden layer by layer a 3D print.
  • Can get more detailed and smooth edges.
  • Best for small projects
  • Use the free Photon Workshop slicer to add support and setup prints.
  • USB input
  • .10 cents per ml as determined by the slicing software (Most prints will be under a dollar).
(Above) This is the resin printer vat that holds the photosensitive resin used in the printing process.

(Below)The grey print is done in the resin printer and the green is from the Makerbot 3D printer. Compare the smoother and higher detail in the grey print especially in the ball and back of the Santa hat. Splicing and supports are a bit trickier in the resin printer which led to the damage on the back of the grey print. This was the first print done on the printer outside of the included preloaded practice print.
The Ohio Department of Health is running an anti-vaping contest for high school students. Submissions will need to entered by May 21st, 2021. First place is $10,000 dollars in the form of a scholarship fund, but it notes that the prize money can be withdrawn if the student does not choose to attend a college.
Editing Software
Need video editing software to make your submission?

Check your computer, tablet, or phone, it may have a video editor built-in. That way you don't have to download anything and can get done even faster. If not here a couple of our favorites here at the library.

Davinci Resolve: Blackmagicdesign offers their entire software for free despite being used by many Hollywood professionals. A higher-end video editor, sound editor, visual effects, and color grade, this software has everything you could need when creating your projects. You may need to watch a few tutorials first however if you have never used a video editor before. Movies like "Pikachu Detective", "Hobbs and Shaw", "Midsommar", and "Alita: Battle Angel" have all utilized this software.

Go Pro Quick: Prefer editing on mobile or tablet? Then Go Pro Quick is for you. This free app is easy to use and doesn't require a Go Pro, you can use the camera right there on your mobile device. Royalty-free music is even available to add to your project. Available for both ios and android.