We got our pink on this October for
Awareness Month!
Greetings and Håfa Adai,
We got our pink on this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Mammograms, when done regularly, can be used as a screening tool to detect breast cancer early. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve compiled a few FAQs about early detection and getting screened.
What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray that allows a medical specialist to look for changes in breast tissue.
What is the purpose of screening and early detection?
The goal of screening for breast cancer is to find it before it can cause any symptoms. Screening refers to tests and exams used to find a disease in people who do not show any signs or symptoms. Early detection means finding and diagnosing a disease earlier than if you waited for symptoms to develop. Early detection occurs as a result of getting screened.
American Cancer Society screening guidelines for breast cancer screening:
The American Cancer Society recommends women as young as 40 years old should have regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Consult with your primary care physician to find out if you are at average risk or high risk for developing cancer, as there are different guidelines.
Are mammograms covered under my StayWell Health Insurance Plan?
Yes, screening mammograms are covered, although your co-payment/deductible varies according to your plan. Please call StayWell’s Customer Care Department at
(671) 477-5091 ext. 1120 for more information about your plan coverage.
To read more about our breast cancer screening FAQs, click here .

StayWell turns pink! On October 1, 2018, we joined
Guam Cancer Care for the 7th Annual Get Your Pink On Wave!
Join in the fight against breast cancer
and get screened today!
Safety Observance
October 21-27 is National Teen Driver Safety Week. While this weekly observance is about having a conversation with your teen about the importance of driving safely, it should also be an ongoing conversation year-round. It doesn’t matter what kind of car your teen is driving, the rules remain the same. Learn the Rules of the Road from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  1. No cell phones while driving
  2. No speeding
  3. No drowsy driving
  4. No passengers
  5. No alcohol
  6. Always buckle up
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