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LLA Hosts First-Ever

Alumni Reunion

Last Saturday we hosted our first alumni event. It was the kickoff to celebrating 25 amazing years of LLA.

It was a beautiful day in our garden, with alumni, their families, past and current teachers and staff, food, and festivities.

So wonderful to catch up.

There’s nothing like reconnecting...

...after all this time!

Alumni were invited to hang up well-wishes for current LLA students . This message is from someone from the class of 2007:

"Dear student, my wish for you is to take hold of all the opportunities available to you. You are supported and surrounded by love."

Many returning alumni saw our beautiful dorm for the first time.

Here is a current dorm resident entertaining the little ones.

Thank you to everyone who came!

 If you are an alumni who couldn’t make it, we felt you there in spirit. We will be having more events from the Alumni Services Department in the future, so stay tuned in to our social media and newsletters.

You can contact us at any time for support in career, education, and life in general. We’d love to hear from you!

See what Alumni Services can do for you.

“Being able to visit with all of our previous teachers and students meant the world to us. Every single one of them, young and old, spoke about what they learned while working at or attending Life Learning Academy. Everyone knows that once you come here, you never leave, whether it be physically or in your heart… because we are a community of radical love!”

- Teri and Craig