Partnerships for Literacy and Learning has been busy! We've been reviewing data and listening to educators about what types of events and courses they'd like to pursue.

We hope you are as excited about our fall offerings as we are!

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Supporting Literacy Instruction for New Teachers

7 SESSIONS Begin: Sept. 19th | 3:15 - 4:30 pm

New Teacher? New Grade Level? Looking for a re-fresh?

What is essential to know to get your literacy block up and running? In this series, we will start with structures and routines that set students up to be engaged, develop stamina and work independently in both reading and writing. We will then work through structures that support explicit whole group instruction, responsive small group instruction and one on one instruction. We will also discuss the essentials of word study and point teachers towards valuable anchor resources that can support continued learning. 


Synergy: Teaching Literacy in a Multi-level Classroom

COURSE Begins Sept. 26th | Asynchronous

This online, 3-credit course will allow participants to understand more completely the vital components of a comprehensive balanced literacy approach for the teaching of reading and writing with a diverse group of learners.

The Literacy Studio written by Ellin Oliver Keene in 2022 will be our anchor text to look at the synergy created in heterogeneous classrooms. This course is designed to make clear how multi levels and multi-ages can be an asset for the literacy learning in our classrooms.


Explorations: Leadership in Literacy...what every administrator needs to know to help all learners and teachers be successful in literacy.

COURSE Begins: Sept. 28th | Asynchronous

As the leader, it's a challenge to "do it all." This course will support your understanding of the elementary literacy portion of your role. You will leave this 2 credit course with a better understanding of what to look for within the literacy instruction of individual classrooms and across multiple grade levels. A focus of the work will be to better understand attributes of schools that are successful in strong literacy attainment goals.


NEXIS: Implementing VTmtss for Student and School Success

8 SESSIONS begin Sept. 22nd | 3:30 - 5:30 pm

We are pleased to be running the 3rd session of this NEXIS (Networks for Excellence in Schools) project happening this fall. This network, using VT AoE tools and resources, will support Vermont’s multi tiered system of supports (VTmtss) coordinators/teams from across the state as they work to implement the VTmtss framework in their schools and districts. 


NEXIS: Secondary Literacy Partnerships

6 SESSIONS Begin Sept.29th | 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Literacy instruction and intervention in middle and high school can be a challenging space to navigate. Students in secondary schools often arrive with a complex literacy background and differentiating instruction to meet the needs of these students is essential. In this NEXIS experience, literacy interventionists and universal level teachers will work together to identify points of inquiry and engage in Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles to make equitable systems change in our schools and state.  


Partnerships for Literacy and Learning has amazing literacy consultants who have been working in the field in

Vermont for a multitude of years.

Join us for one or more of these fall offerings!

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