September 2019
What have a very big announcement!
We are splitting into two companies!
After careful strategic planning on both a personal and professional level, we have decided to
"define and empower".

☞We want to build a reality where we can change the world for people who have experienced trauma.
☞We want to positively impact social services, advocacy, law enforcement, courts, medical and schools.
☞We want to be together and to travel together. ❤️

Based on those goals:
It makes the most sense for us to separate companies
in order to diversify our strategies and methods
of making social change.

The possibilities are endless...
Our Mission:
is to dramatically shift the cultural paradigm in order to improve society's response to individuals who have experienced trauma, victimization and other complex experiences.

We Envision: 
A Human Centric (or trauma informed) Response to all incidents of high stress and trauma. A response that empowers individuals and families while embracing compassion, respect and dignity of all people.

We will accomplish our mission through training
( both "in person" and "online" ), human centric and trauma informed consultation and by providing resources, research and tools to our community.

We are a coalition of trainers dedicated to human centric practices.

My Mission:  
Simply put… "to change the world and make it a better place”. 

Or more specifically, my professional mission is to humbly and compassionately challenge the status quo, encourage systems and individual change- both internal and external to the criminal justice community. And to provide person centric, highly specialized services to all human beings in need of assistance.

My Vision: 
To assist in creating and maintaining a criminal justice system that truly keeps its promise of “justice for all“. 

I will accomplish this through my work with Certified FETI , with law enforcement and through individual case work/investigation consultation.