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August 2019
NACM Member Holland America's Westerdam in Alaska
Jon Flora, President & CEO
This month, my colleague Jaime Gibson offers her insights about the importance of professional education and some of the new opportunities we have for you.

Jaime has been with our team for eleven years beginning her NACM career with a five year stint in Hawaii working with our members in the Aloha State. She and her family returned to the mainland six years ago. Jaime is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Jaime Severs Gibson
National Account Executive
Ongoing education is key to your success

Being in the credit profession is an extremely challenging position. Everyday your company relies on you to make important financial decisions. What helps you to make these decisions? Ongoing education is key as it can help you improve processes and enhance the way you operate in your daily duties.
Recently in Denver at NACM’s National Credit Congress I was fortunate to attend some great educational sessions. I learned how technology is now impacting the credit field and how international tariffs can lead to economic change that effect how we do business. I also learned about the growing trend of moving to a shared service, how some companies are outsourcing some roles internationally, and how to be a better leader. 

What is the relevance of all these lessons? My biggest takeway was how important it is to get away from your desk and take advantage of educational opportunities when they present themselves. This is true for for both you and your staff - and even your boss! Learning about changes in the industry and what’s going on in the world are tools to help you be a better credit professional.

We have excellent programs readily available to you. Our goal this past year has been focused on boosting the education we provide and adapting it to how you live. My boss calls that "lifestyle education". It's harder to leave the office today so we have tried to design programs that make it easier for you to be involved.

Make sure to check out the monthly webinars . We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and you may learn something you didn’t know before. We are the first NACM to introduce a new forum of podcasts . This is a great way to listen to some wonderful speakers and topics all without even having to leave your desk. Just turn up the speakers and answer a few emails while you listen away! You can also download them and take us with you on the plane, to the beach or while sitting in traffic.

September 12 th we’ve decided to switch up our former Annual Seminar with what we now call NC3 (there's more below). We’ve gone from having one speaker to a jam-packed day full of excellent topics. You will definitely find something of interest as well as getting a chance to see your favorite account rep and network with fellow professionals! 

Speaking of networking…don’t miss out on discussing common accounts at your local Industry Group meeting. In my last group meeting, a builder was brought up who is currently being investigated by the FBI, and this was prior to that information being made public by the local media. Imagine: NACM with breaking news! The members who attended and had this gentleman as a customer sure did gather a little nugget to take back to the office!

The education tools at a credit managers disposal are key to sharpening your skills. They might just make you the star of your company! Most importantly, remember to pump up your younger staff, too.  Encourage your credit team to attend as much educational programming as they can and advance their careers with the opportunities available to them. Not only will you be a star, but you’ll also be able to know you have left a legacy of great talent!

NACM Member T-Mobile merger approved by DOJ
Last Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice gave its long-sought approval for a plan by Bellevue-based T-Mobile to acquire rival carrier Sprint.

The company has been one of our association members since 2000.
The $26 billion deal would combine T-Mobile, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier, with Sprint, the fourth largest, into a new firm nearly as large as the sector’s two leaders, Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.

T-Mobile is working on a $160 million renovation of the company’s corporate headquarters in the Factoria neighborhood and extended leases for the space through 2030. Read more:

Congratulations are in order
We are pleased to recognize recent professional achievements of members:

Julie Putnam, Mutual Materials has earned the Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation.

Aaron Hegrstrom with Agribeef has achieved the Credit Business Associate (CBA) designation.

Well done to both of you and keep up the great work!

If you're interested in pursuing or upgrading your professional designation, please drop a note to Designation and ask for more information.
National wants your opinion
NACM National is conducting a survey of all current members. They will be asking whether company and credit department sizes along with revenue have changed from five years ago. They also want to understand whether departments have moved from or to a centralized structure. Ultimately, their goal is to understand whether member companies are supporting the maintenance of strong credit-customer relationships and how and when relationships with customers are managed.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey when it arrives in your email. The information gathered is important to serving you well. Thanks for your help.

Wanda Borges
Borges & Associates, LLC

12:00 - 1:00 PDT
11:00 - 12:00 AST
9:00 - 10:00 HST
1:00 - 2:00 MDT


$30 MEMBERS (per call-in line)
$79 NON-MEMBERS (per call-in line)

We encourage staffs to gather together for our webinars. Use one registration for as many people as you can gather in your conference room.
ONLINE WEBINAR: August 7, 2019

Social Media & Ethical Concerns in the Credit Dept.

Credit professionals pledge should always conduct their duties within the constraints of law and with consideration to Business Ethics seeking to not maliciously injure the reputation of others. Further, business credit professionals pledge themselves to the highest professional standards and principles and to guard and secure, in confidence, information obtained for the sole purpose of analyzing and extending commercial credit.

As the use of social media is a mainstay in today’s world, it becomes easy for a credit executive to lose sight of these ethical constraints even while worrying about cybersecurity. This program will discuss some of the ethical concerns that confront credit professionals today, particularly with the use of social media. Further, this program will include a number of social media platforms which can prove useful to the credit grantor.

Got a problem? Ask-an-Expert
When you have a problem or a question, call on our panel of experts for help. Whether it's a credit, legal or accounting topic, we have professionals in your community and across the nation ready to help to our members and customers. Best of all, for NACM BCS members, there's no charge to use the service.

Just send your question to Ask an Expert. Responses are typically same day or within 24 hours. You can also visit our website .

Take advantage of this benefit of membership in NACM BCS!
Man touching glowing poligonal brain with tip of the finger_ virtual riality_ artifical intelligence concept futuristic

Episode #6

Artificial Intelligence
What is it and how do I use it?

The Credit Roundtable - Episode 6

"Artificial Intelligence - What is it and how do I use it in my credit operation?"
As more of our members examine the possible use of automation in their credit operation, the more calls we receive seeking our help. Episode #6 of our new podcast featuring a conversation with Bill Weiss and Diana Crowe of High Radius, one of the select providers of A.I. products with which we are aligned. Our conversation offers an introduction to these new products and will help you think about what's next for your company.

You can listen on your computer or download to your phone and listen later on the bus, in your car, or anywhere else that’s convenient for your busy life. Join us for this latest episode.

Build your network and stay current on our activities through social media. Just click below.
Credit Research Foundation
Forum & Expo returns to Seattle

August 12-14
CRF is widely recognized as the foremost educational and research organization dedicated to the credit, accounts receivable and financial management community. The foundation provides access to education, research, best practices and dynamic solution sets.

The August Forum & Expo is their largest program of the year. And it will be in Seattle this year !

Topics Include:
·      Robotic Process Automation – How, where and strategic advantages
·      Blockchain/Cryptocurrency – Use in supporting contract needs
·      Payment Process Update – For A/R and A/P
·      Chapter 22s – Implications of flawed feasibility assessments
·      Credit & Other Insurance Applications – Peer discussion on use and utility
·      Customer Deductions – The new dynamics & what to know about supplier agreements
·      Economic Update – The latest update from the Federal Reserve
·      The CRF Open Forum - Real-time solutions to your pressing inquiries

To register, just click below and we'll look forward to seeing you there!
Coming in September!
NC 3 is the place to be...on September 12th.

Register today for the Northwest Commercial Credit Conference at the Seattle Airport Hilton Hotel. A full day of professional education close to home and affordable.

Congratulations to our NC 3 Scholarship Recipients

Richard Westwood Canyon Creek Cabinet Co.
Holly Bergstrom Lynden, Inc.
Maggie Hyneman - Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Co.

See you in September!

Western Credit & CFDD National Conference - October 23-25
The Western Credit Conference returns to Portland this Fall. Click below for more information and to register.

Scholarships are also available for conference registration. Deadline is September 1st. Click below for guidelines and application:

Alaska Holiday Luncheon & Forum

Embassy Suites, Anchorage
December 10th
We were shut out by an earthquake last year but we're back in 2019! Save the date and look for more information coming soon!
Hawaii Credit Forum returns
January 23, 2020

Save the date for the Annual
Hawaii Winter Credit Forum
Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel

January 23, 2020

Details coming soon - including how you can win a contest to attend for FREE with hotel included!

Equifax’s $700 million settlement with the U.S. government over the massive 2017 data breach includes up to $425 million for consumers. Here's what you should know:


Her reputation preceded her: An almost 30-year career as an itinerant “budget fixer” of sorts, working for a series of Republican governors to balance state budgets, often by instituting drastic spending cuts.

Learn more about Donna Arduin:


The industry that moves 72% of America's goods is suffering through a downturn so epic that some truckers are calling it a bloodbath . USA Truck reported $2.5 million in net income in Q2 in 2018. In Q2 2019, the company reported $1,000 in profit. Read more from:


Many businesses aren't prepared for potentially devastating natural disasters, leaving them to learn through a crisis what they should have done differently.

The Associated Press takes a look at what happens and what you can do to be ready.

And, attend our NC3 on September 12th to learn first-hand from King County Emergency Planning professionals.

Read more:


The Alaska Marine Highway System stopped all sailings July 24th after a decision by its largest union to strike following the failure of contract negotiations with the state.

The impasse comes amid financial troubles across the state, with Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoing more than $400 million in items in Alaska’s budget last month as oil revenues decline. The strike also impacts Bellingham, WA. For more:

KING5 News

When an app goes viral, how can you know if it’s all good fun - or covertly violating your privacy by sending your face to the Russian government?
That’s the burning question about FaceApp , a program that takes photos of people and “ages” them using artificial intelligence .


The Hawaiian Electric Companies announced plans to put out requests for proposals for its largest and most ambitious push for renewable energy ever.
Hawaiian Electric is seeking new, clean energy projects to provide reliable service over the next five years following the expected closure of its largest fossil fuel plant on Oahu in 2022, and the retirement of its oldest, oil-fired plant on Maui in 2024.


The number of store closures announced in the first half of 2019 already has outstripped the number retailers announced in all of 2018.
More than two dozen chains have said they plan to close about 7,100 stores, up from about 5,400 throughout all of 2018.

Read more:

Past due and final notices the debt never ends. Over white.

Zillow on Thursday released its second-quarter Home Price Expectations Survey, which asked more than 100 real estate economists and experts about the national housing market and their expectations about the next recession.

Half said the next recession will start in 2020, with nearly one in five identifying the third quarter as the likely beginning. Another 35 percent said the current expansion will end in 2021.

The recession might not reach the Puget Sound region as soon because the Pacific Northwest's economic trends tend to lag areas in the East. Read more:

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Industry Trade Groups
Here's your chance to benefit from the experience of seasoned Credit Professionals. Take advantage of our Industry Trade Groups.

Puget Sound Area

August 8

11:30 a.m. Floor - Duke's Chowder House

August 15

11:30 a.m. Wiring - Duke's Chowderhouse
11:30 a.m. Eastside Construction - 13 Coins, Bellevue

August 20

11:30 a.m. HVAC - Duke's Chowder House

August 21

11:30 a.m. Tacoma Construction - Johnny's Dock
11:30 a.m. Food - Duke's Chowder House


August 21

12:00 p.m. Alaska Suppliers and Food - Crowley Fuels


August 20

11:30 a.m. Hawaii Hospitality - Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel

August 23

11:30 a.m. Hawaii Building - Waikiki Yacht Club

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