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With Dr. Fred Luskin

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Click the video below to hear Dr. Fred Luskin discuss what causes negative thoughts:
We challenge you to identify at least one negative thought a day and replace it with a positive alternative.
Client Testimonial

"I went through the MYT™ program not knowing what to expect and with an open mind. Everything in our business is so results driven I wanted to see a direct correlation between this program and what it would add to my bottom line. What I came away with, was an experience which allowed me to look at myself instead of the business. I was able to step outside the box and examine, with the help of the MYT™ team, how I operate and what things I can do to improve my life (and indirectly, improve my practice)."

- Donald J. McCormick , CFP

Three Cords Approach
By Rocco A. Carriero
Three Cords Approach to Life and Wealth Management for Business Owners


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Children and EQ
Talking to your teen about Failure
It can be uncomfortable to talk with your teen on how to handle failure. This recent article from Psychology Today highlights several tips & techniques on hard discussions that we sometimes have to make as parents.
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What exactly is resilience and why do you need it? Read our latest blog post below to find out. Consider claiming the last seats for our March 28th Speaker's Series (attend in-person or virtually)

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EQ Not IQ: Speaker's Series
Power of Resilience

With Dr. Fred Luskin
March 28th in NYC or online 2:30-5pm

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EQ Not IQ: Mastery

Next group launches
March 29th

in New York City

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EQ Not IQ: Leadership Basics I™

Next group launches
May 31, 2019 
in New York City

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EQ Not IQ: Extension
For alumni only

Bi-weekly session begin
June 14th on Zoom 11:45am-1pm

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EQ Not IQ: Speaker's Series™

With Dr. Fred Luskin
July 25th in NYC or online 2:30-5pm

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EQ Not IQ: Mastery

Next group launches
July 26th
New York City

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Statcare was founded to fill the gaps in the delivery of ambulatory care.

Statcare saw challenges and found an opportunity to serve. They go above an beyond to offer affordable medical care and additional services such as immigration medical exams and commercial driver certifications. They remain ahead of the curve by adopting new technologies and investing in HR, employee well-being/development, and customer service and outreach.

Boutique Executive Search Firm with Expertise and a Reputation of delivering top level diverse talent to drive business results

"Where your Vision becomes our Mission"

The ARN Difference: Taking Executive Recruiting to the Next Level

ARN takes the steps needed to customize each search: before, during, and after.