Spring Equinox Kirtan | Beginners Series | Alignment Training | Initiation
Hello friends! We are happy to announce that we have created a video library! For the past week, we've been recording our ZOOM classes and creating a yoga video library for our members. So far, we have about 14 classes from most of our teachers and the library will continue to grow as we add a few each week. We know that virtual isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, so we wanted to add more value and ease for our regular clients. For now, the library is only available to our members, and to our new students who purchase the $45 Intro Offer. We also love seeing those of you who are coming into the studio space. It's hard to believe that it has been a year since all of this began. We are here, committed to bringing more health, strength and peace into your life.

Welcoming Spring and New Beginnings
Please join us In Studio and Online through ZOOM

Flavia Krishna & Gershone, a duo from the Atlanta/Athens area, are sharing the healing power of sound vibrations through the ancient yogic practice of mantra and sacred prayers chanting.

What a great way to herold in a new season.
Space is very limited so make sure to register to reserve your spot.

 $18- In Studio | $12- Virtual
New Yoga Beginners Series Starting in March
Offered In Studio and Online through ZOOM

ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT FOR IN STUDIO! Make sure to register to reserve your spot.

Beginners Yoga Series with Carole: Do you or someone you know, want to begin a yoga practice, but don’t know where to start?...or perhaps feel intimidated or not “flexible enough?”

Then our beginners series is a great place to start and be introduced to the fundamentals of beginning a yoga practice.

If you are a brand new beginner, this series is designed to take away the worries from taking those first yoga classes.Upon completion of the series, you will have gained a foundation to more confidently attend regular classes. $60
Empaths, Light Workers & Healers- Are You Ready to Ignite Magic?
INITIATION- Our course in awakening your magick, begins April 24th.

The Awaken Your Most Magickal Self series is designed to awaken the inner healer, teacher, shaman, light worker, priestess or intuitive that is yearning to express itself as you. Whether it is to serve yourself or to serve others, you will learn techniques that empower your ability to work with the sacred within and outside.

This is where we begin: using the 4 elements and more, to enhance your growth and provide clarity for your path. Welcome to the beautiful world of magickal beginnings!

This live course includes:
  • Our very robust INITIATION online material that we will follow and use as home work. All the printouts are downloadable and accessible after the course is over.
  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement.
  • Live and online group support.

INITIATION lays the foundation for upcoming levels of learning and practicing, including Reiki 2 and master attunements.

If you are empathic or highly sensitive, and need some clarity and direction on how to work with your abilities, you are not alone. It can feel overwhelming, which is why we created this unique course to offer guidance and processes to help you along your way. You are already powerful! We just want to help you integrate it.
Alignment & The Energetic Body- Yoga Training
This 15 hour continuing education course is for yoga teachers looking to refine their knowledge about posture alignment and how it relates to the energetic body.
We will be exploring optimal alignment for some of the more common yoga postures and how it applies to students in their unique form. In other words, not all bodies are created alike.
As it relates to teaching, we will delve into observing common misalignments and how to offer effective ques & corrections. We will also deepen our understanding of the very nuanced relationship between the energetic and physical body... and how optimal alignment feeds that relationship for a more liberated expression.

We are excited to be sharing this unique training with our yoga community.

P.S.... If you are not a yoga teacher, and are interested in this training, please contact Cindy at info@sacredgardenyoga.com or 770-421-9353 to discuss.
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