October 2020

Create a watch party using Just Love: A virtual preview
We've uploaded the Just Love: A virtual preview video to our Facebook page and YouTube. You can watch it alone (for the first time or again) or start a watch party with your friends.

You must like Women of the ELCA's Facebook page to view the video and hold a watch party. Next, follow these instructions for holding a watch party.

Here is the video on Facebook; and here it is on YouTube where you can turn on closed captioning, if needed.
We have a special gift for you: Thankoffering prayers and service
In the fall, Women of the ELCA participants observe the long-standing tradition of Thankofferings. We give in thanksgiving for blessings received–and we do receive so many blessings, don’t we? Because we are so grateful, we give Thankofferings.

And as a gift to you during this season, use this special prayer resource, "Giving Thanks to God—All Day Every Day." The daily practice of giving thanks to God for blessings received is at the heart of our lives as women of faith. Even the ordinary blessings of daily life call us to gratitude.
Devotional: How can you be a good steward? Vote!
There are times when I just want to pull the covers over my head and moan, "Wake me after the inauguration."

But we don't get to do that, not if we want to be good stewards. Remember, a steward is someone who takes care of something important so that it can be handed on to future generations in good condition. Read Audrey Novak Riley's monthly devotion.
Bible study writer creates video series to accompany "Holy Time"
Gather is excited to share that Meghan Johnston Aelabouni, author of the fall 2020 Bible study, “Holy time,” has created a series of videos to accompany the study. Visit Gather’s resources page for videos to accompany sessions one and two.
Would you like to learn more about racial justice advocacy?
Are you interested in racial justice education and advocacy? Join Women of the ELCA's Racial Justice Advocacy Network Facebook group to watch videos, get invited to special online events, and view posts that help make the world a better place.

Another way to get involved is to join Women of the ELCA's Racial Justice Advocacy Network. Learn more on our website.
Let's meet that goal of 1,000 Faithful Friends by August 2021
Right now, about 164 Faithful Friends are faithfully supporting Women of the ELCA through our automatic giving program. And we have a goal to increase that number to 1,000 by the time of our Gathering 2021 next August! Won't that be wonderful to celebrate? So let's all talk with our circles of in-person faithful friends and join WELCA's Faithful Friends automatic giving program. It's so easy to get started.
Interchange/Intercambio available
Download Interchange or Intercambio, our quarterly newsletter for Women of the ELCA leaders (in English and Spanish) from our Publications page. (You'll need to scroll down a bit.)
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