Are we opening in phase one?
Answer: most signs point to no

As of right now, gyms have not been included in this first phase of openings. Here, by "first phase" we mean all those businesses being permitted to open on the 1st, 4th, and 12th.

We are remaining optimistic and hoping it will be soon after the 12th that we will be permitted.

Below is a graphic that has a more in depth depiction of what other businesses are not included in this first phase of openings. All these businesses are not included in any of the openings on or before the 12th, and have no exact date set yet.

While this is discouraging- it is a sign of hope! We are closer than ever, and we cannot wait to get back in the gym! Try to keep your motivation, and remember this is only temporary!

We have been shown so much support so far by all of our members and we cannot be anymore thankful. Remember that as we near the hopeful end of this closure, we continue to extend the option of discontinuing your membership if you too have fallen on hard times.

As always, we are only a call, email, or message away.

We very much look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Thank you!
How to stay motivated?
During this time, its so important to keep your body moving! Be kind to yourself, and understanding of any setbacks you may have. Try to move your body at least once a day- even if only for 15 minutes.

There are tons of resources on social and YouTube to help you with at home workouts of any kind. Wether you like cardio, heavy lifting, or HIIT- there are tons of resources out there. One search on YouTube should pull up tons of options.

As a member you also have access to our online software that has thousands of videos, and we have even curated our own collection of at-home workouts on there as well. If you would like more info on this software, how to activate it, or how to find these videos let us know!

Additionally, we have been posting tons of stuff on our Facebook page. Nutrition, home workouts, and motivation for everyone.

For our older adults, Silver Sneakers Facebook page has tons of great at home workouts and we'll also think another source with loads of great videos: Silver Sneakers Facebook Page & Silver&Fit Facebook Page & lastly Silver&Fit Youtube Channel

What have we been up to?
We are trying to use this time to the best of our advantage!

We have been working on a few small renovations at the gym- using supplies we have had laying around for awhile.

We are also working on something very exciting to help us bring in money to help support our business during this time, and we cannot wait until we're ready to announce it to everyone!

Be sure to stay tuned to find out what we're up to!

If you have any suggestions for any small (or big) changes that we can make during this time feel free to reach out!
We still have shirts if you missed it!!
Stay safe, and stay healthy!