I am thrilled to announce our newest program, Precious Time Dogs (PTD) — in conjunction with the Santa Cruz County Animal Control (SCCAC) in Nogales, Arizona. This new, all-volunteer program rescues dogs at risk of euthanasia due to space constraints at the Santa Cruz shelter. Despite the best efforts of SCCAC staff, they are forced to make difficult decisions regarding euthanasia.

This is where HOPE comes in.

With the help of our wonderful HOPE volunteers, these at-risk dogs are networked with various qualified rescue organizations throughout Arizona and the surrounding states. The dogs are pulled under HOPE Animal Shelter and are then vetted and transported to the rescue or placed in one of our PTD foster homes until a forever home can be found.

You will find a more detailed explanation and a way to donate to this innovative new program on our website.

And take a look below to see some of our adoption success stories out of Santa Cruz already!