We have a lot of important updates!

Ponte Vedra Corporation's lawsuit against St.John's County is officially over. As you know, Judge Traynor ruled in December that a Public Hearing is Required for Land Use Change at the Outpost . On April 16th, PVC effectively concluded its lawsuit against the county with a proposed Settlement Agreement*. Absolutely no compromises were made by the county in this agreement which simply sets up the normal process for a landowner seeking a change in use, as explained in the St. Augustine Record.

At the Board of County Commissioners' meeting (Click on Item 6) on the Settlement Agreement, Save Guana Now thanked the county for standing up to PVC's demands, and reiterated its long-held opposition to development of the Outpost. All five commissioners voted in favor of the agreement which means PVC will move forward on its PUD application without circumventing public hearings.

As a result of the Settlement Agreement, we finally have tentative dates for public hearings on the fate of the Outpost property - those 99 acres of precious conservation land that is almost entirely surrounded by Guana Preserve.

The Planning and Zoning Agency Board public hearing is tentatively scheduled for August 15th, and the Board of County Commissioners, for September 17th. Please mark those dates on your calendars now. Your attendance is critical.

These two hearings are Transmittal hearings, which means the county will determine whether or not to transmit Ponte Vedra Corporation's proposed Comp Plan Amendment Change to the state. OUR GOAL IS TO KILL THE PROJECT AT THIS STAGE.

With your support, we will show the county how many of us staunchly oppose the Outpost losing its conservation designation to make way for 66 luxury homes. We will make our voices heard, and our experts will make a strong case for denying transmittal.

If the BOCC nevertheless votes to transmit, then the State Land Planning Agency sends comments to the county, and a second set of hearings is held. This time, the proposed Comp Plan Amendment Change is voted on, along with the proposed Planned Unit Development - Vista Tranquila. Those are Adoption hearings. The PZA Adoption hearing is tentatively scheduled for November 7th, and the BCC Adoption hearing is tentatively scheduled for December 3rd. We hope those hearings will never have to take place, but in case they do, please be aware of those dates, as your attendance is equally critical.

Ponte Vedra Corporation will also be submitting its new application for Vista Tranquila - the proposed Planned Unit Development - to the county. Major changes are not expected to be made to their previous plan.

What can you do now? Continue spreading the word about the Outpost fight. We can provide materials if you'd like to make a presentation at a local event, your church group, community organization, or at a social gathering at your home. See how Save Guana Now supporter Gloria North spread the word at an event in Nocatee.

Even if you're "not a bumper sticker person," be one for the next few months. Our message on your car will be seen by hundreds of people. Remember, we don't have an
ad budget. Our donations go to our experts. You can order bumper stickers and yard signs by replying to this email. We also have flyers you can easily download.
We need more letters to the editor, drawing from facts at the bottom of this page, and we will soon initiate a new letter-writing campaign to the County Commissioners and the members of the PZA.

Things are heating up. Stay tuned, and stay involved! Thanks for your support.

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
Co-founders, Save Guana Now

*Complete language here.