Habitat Press 2.0 | Vol. 14
February 28, 2021
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POSTPONED: 104th Build Groundbreaking Ceremony

Well, the 104th Build Groundbreaking Ceremony was originally scheduled for February 27, but the storm on February 26 had other plans! As you can see, the lot is very wet and the impending forecast would not allow for it to dry up in time.

We hope to see you there next weekend to celebrate and bless the Puga Sosa Family and their future home! This family has truly worked so hard, and we are excited to give them a Groundbreaking Ceremony they deserve - on a beautiful, dry day filled with sunshine!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!
Lora Blakeslee Atkinson, Executive Director of Habitat Denton County, handing the keys over to Ruth's Room Founder, Bunny Hodges.
We have officially moved and handed the keys over to Ruth's Room!
Habitat for Humanity of Denton County has officially vacated its corporate offices at 1721 North Carroll Boulevard and handed the keys over to Ruth's Room! A huge thank you to our Board of Directors, volunteers, and 104th Partner Family who helped us pack up and move this month!

On Friday, February 26, we officially handed the keys over to Ruth's Room Founder, Bunny Hodges. We are so grateful for all their support over the last 20+ years, including their help in making this transition so smooth.

We are so excited for the future, as Ruth's Room expands their space on Carroll Boulevard and we finally consolidate our operations to one location at our ReStore. This transition will greatly increase both organizations' abilities to build homes, communities, and hope here in Denton County!
While we wait for the ReStore remodel to be completed to move into our new remodeled offices this summer, our staff will be located in the main ReStore building at 1805 Cornell Lane, which will not be affected by the remodel.

In case you missed it, on February 1 we sold our office building on Carroll Blvd to Ruth's Room for their expansion, as we prepare to remodel the Habitat for Humanity of Denton County ReStore and finally consolidate our operations to one location. Read more in the Denton Record-Chronicle here.
Fun Fact about the Habitat Village
Approximately 6 of the 8 acres of our Habitat Village property in Southeast Denton were purchased from St. Emmanuel Baptist Church several years back. Part of their property had a house on it that had been moved from the Quakertown Park area back when the Black community was relocated away from the College of Industrial Arts (now TWU) campus area. The church sold the property to Habitat Denton with the condition that this historically significant house would be preserved. Habitat Denton arranged for the house to be moved to the County property on Sycamore and Carroll that hosts other historical Denton houses. The house is currently there now, awaiting funding for restoration.

Thank you to long-time volunteer, Jerry Morgan, for sharing this story and providing the photo!
Did you know that a used car can help build a new home? Learn all about this program by watching this video:
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