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June 2, 2021
It’s hard to believe that today, June 2, marks one year to the next provincial election. 2021 has been a challenging year in so many ways.

Things could have been very different if we had strong leadership within the Ontario government. Now, with over 300 days before we cast our ballots, there is an opportunity to effect change. Let's seize it!
Together we can mobilize, organize and connect with co-workers, family, friends and parents to defeat the Ford Conservative government in June of 2022.
With the Ontario election in mind, President Sam Hammond recorded this message for you, please take a listen.
Heartbreaking Reminder 
The recent discovery of a mass grave of 215 Indigenous children is a disturbing reminder of the devastating impact of Canada’s residential school system. We mourn this significant loss alongside the communities and families affected by the direct and intergenerational trauma of residential schools.
ETFO released a statement and made an affirmation to take action for reconciliation. Read our statement here.
Healing Resources 
In this difficult moment, we remind you to consider ways to teach about this history. Please use ETFO tools to engage in respectful learning that is culturally safe and trauma-informed. Here are a few select resources for the classroom and your own understanding.

Also, the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society have Seven Free Ways to Make a Difference with different campaigns that support First Nations children and their families. Learn more here.
Get Social and Take Action 
Are you ready to put the Ford government on notice?
Let's make some noise online to say – yes; educators are ready to #MobilizeFor2022 and elect a new government!
We need a government that will put public services, publicly funded public education and people before profits and business first. 

Can you share a message on your favourite social media platform to remind your MPP that you are ready to mobilize and take action in your community?
To make it easy, we created an image to use on Twitter and Facebook/Instagram and are using the hashtag #MobilizeFor2022. Access the images here. Post a message today and all year long to share why you are taking action to defeat Ford. 

This is a time to honour and continue to celebrate the trailblazers who helped advance the human rights of 2SLGBTQ+ people. But June isn't the only opportunity to help create a positive space. There are a number of school community events that can provide important touchpoints for students to learn about inclusion and consider ways to foster acceptance, inclusion and celebrate diversity.

Protecting Our Political Voice
To defend our right to freedom of expression and association, as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ETFO filed a constitutional challenge in April against the government’s Protecting Ontario Elections Act, 2021. On June 2, proceedings for this legal action began with arguments from the applicants.

Along with ETFO, the applicants also include the Working Families Coalition, OECTA and OSSTF. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is also involved as an intervenor in the case. The proceedings are expected to conclude on June 3 and members will be provided with an update when a decision is reached.
For background, please read our media release on this Charter challenge.  
Premier Delivers Superficial Gesture 
On May 27, the Ford government finally reached out via a mass electronic “to whom it may concern” letter to engage education stakeholders, including unions, on the issue of school reopening.
Unfortunately, this last-minute effort failed to offer actual engagement in the process. Meaningful dialogue requires more than 32 hours of notice to respond to questions about reopening that are better suited to those in the medical and public health fields.
In response, the four education unions once again urged the government to convene an advisory table of all education stakeholders to address the health and safety and the learning challenges that students face during the pandemic.
Professional Learning Events
Summer Academy is Here
This year’s Academy will run virtually during July and August. Participants can join from anywhere with their computer and participate in two daily sessions throughout each three-day course. View the flyer here.
Dynamic presenters will facilitate courses on a wide variety of topics, including literacy, mathematics, Kindergarten, technology, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy, well-being and a variety of other learning areas. New this year is a course to support occasional teachers. The registration fee for each three-day course is $30.
For more information and to register, visit Summer Academy 2021.
Member Services
Updated Ministry Resources 
The Ministry of Education has recently updated professional resources for educators. To find out more about new mathematics webinars and remote learning offerings, please visit

It is important to note that ETFO’s position on remote learning remains unchanged. It is expected that virtual learning in any capacity will end once the pandemic ends. Access to Ministry remote learning resources support members during emergency remote learning at this time. 
28 Days Left for EduGains 
Access ends June 30, 2021!
This K-12 Ministry website houses many resources to support policies and programs related to improving learning and teaching. Resources to support Kindergarten, Assessment and Evaluation, Special Education, Differentiated Instruction, and Adolescent Literacy and English language learners are just a few of the topics highlighted.
Members are encouraged to browse the site to save helpful documents and professional learning materials. Whether you are new to teaching or are an experienced teacher, check out
New driver in the house? 
Read to discover how you can save on insurance premiums!
It’s no secret that new drivers pay higher car insurance premiums, as they have less experience behind the wheel and the need to build up a safe driving record.

This inexperience contributes to the overrepresentation of teenage drivers in car accidents — although young Canadians represent 13 per cent of the licensed driving population, they account for 20 per cent of motor vehicle deaths and injuries. However, there are ways to save on car insurance for a new driver. Learn more.
Educator Blogs
  • Tammy Axt shares her thoughts and a number of resources to help teach and unpack the trauma of Residential Schools.

  • In Exit Tickets, Melissa Turnbull offers how this tool can give students a voice during a virtual classroom setting. 
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