Volume 420 | May 25, 2020
The MJ Show rises like the Phoenix
Hi Cannabis Friends, it's been a long time since we reached out to you! How the hell are you? Our company was greatly impacted by Covid-19, and we adjusted our business over the past few months to rise from the ashes, like the Phoenix! Read my latest blog for more details!
How are you all doing? What kind of adjustments have you made in this past few months? Many dispensaries are thriving with drive-up service, some are closing shop. We would love to hear from you and see how you are doing, so please fill out our survey at the bottom of this newsletter. We know everyone in the industry, perhaps we can help!
Our big news is despite the obstacles Covid-19 created, we are in pre-production for Season #4, with an entire new format and most importantly, filmed in a Studio in Newport Beach with a big pitch to Networks! We heard all of your suggestions ( Thank you) and are taking this show to the next level!
Due to the current state of Covid, we have extended Auditions thru June 30th, 2020. Submit your audition today to be considered for Season #4. We are seeking established companies with brands seeking massive reach and product placement, plus interest in raising capital to scale. We are no longer accepting start-up's, however we will be re-launching Bud Camp soon to help if you are green.

Our New Production Facility in Newport Beach
We have a gorgeous multi-million dollar production studio in Newport Beach for Season #4. No more interruptions on set, this is a sound tight green screen studio.
This is the show we always wanted to do, and now we have the right team in place!
Please take our survey so we can offer help or suggestions!
Did Covid-19 Negatively impact your Cannabis Business?
Yes we are toast
Yes, but we adjusted and are ok
No, we are thriving and profitable
We are ready for a investment to scale
Our Famous T-Shirt sells out at every conference, but now that we aren't doing the big Cannabis conferences for a while, you can have your T-shirt mailed to you! We have all sizes for Men and Women!
What says, "I love Cannabis" better than a dashing mask with our logo on it? George smoking a blunt will light up any room of strangers as you make your way through the stores!
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