Howdy Pirates,
well it is definitely hot enough for the Fourth of July, what a great time to kick off your Virtual Deep Down Challenge!!! (I could see fireworks and snorkel gear, masks for PPE while "sparkling" ) make us laugh and kick off your fundraiser, we've got two weeks to go!!! #DivePiratesWanderlust
Gillian and Anne making a splash with their Virtual Deep Down Challenge, cheers ladies! You look marvelous and your fundraiser is going well :-)

Challenge Runs Through July 16th!
quick refresher:
  1. Take a picture of how you are celebrating diving while landlocked.
  2. Make a facebook fundraiser out of it including #DivePiratesWanderlust in the photo and your description.
  3. See who wins!
Helpful links:
download a pledge form (if you don't want to do Facebook but still want to play. )

***Chapters, you can play as a team and all proceeds go to your current or future recipient!!! Let's Do This!

Thank You to all of you who served this great nation and continue to serve today!
Celebrate like a Pirate!

This weekend we celebrate our freedoms, secured by men and women who came before us.

As Pirates we celebrate our recipients who aspire to live a full and happy life, and we thank you for inspiring all of us along the way.

May your weekend be filled with gratitude, respect, good vittles and grog as we live good lives to honor all who came before us, or that we have lost along the way, creating an atmosphere where we are free to explore above and below the surface.
Stay safe and have a great 4th,
Theresa the Terrible