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November 2021 Newsletter

Sweater Weather Means a Whole Lot More at WPC

Every Fall for over a decade, the Knit and Purl Group of the Longmont Senior Center has provided sweaters to the students in our program. What started with a sweater for each of our Preschool Children has expanded to include every child in our program. This year they provided infant cocoons, toddler/preschool hats and sweaters, and a set of mittens for each age appropriate classroom. Sue shared "My husband Jim really has an eye for color. Sweater Day has become a family thing. It's exciting for us to have this outlet to what we love and serve a purpose"

Our teachers plan entire curriculums around Sweater Days. From counting stripes, naming colors, and recognizing pattern- there are countless ways to incorporate the Knit & Purl groups timely donations (each sweater takes about 20 hours to make) into a learning opportunity. Margaret shared that she knit a replica of the sweater from Debbie Macomber's book "The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater ...that Grandma Knit" which initiated the Sweater Day curriculum about 8 years ago.

We are incredibly grateful to the Knit & Purl Group for their commitment to Sweater Day and providing our student's something to call their own.


Filling Our Book Bags


Southwest Research Institute was a partner organization of ours for Mile High United Way's Day of Caring in September. We met with their team via Zoom to share more about Wild Plum Center, our program's expansions, and our families growing needs.

About 80% of the families in our program are Spanish speaking. So, it's no suprise that we were so ecstatic to receive Southwest Research Institute's donation.

Michelle and her team collected over 40 bilingual children's books for our students and families in addition to gift cards that will help our families navigate Holiday needs.

We highly recommend you check out their website and learn more about their non-profit and their work studying the solar system through research and exploration. How neat!

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This COGivesDay, we are full of ambition. In looking at the needs of our community, we have partnered with the City of Longmont and Mile High United Way to take our exemplary program on the road.

This year, your COGivesDay donation will be used to purchase the vehicle that will become our Mobile Early Childhood Education Classroom. But that's not all! We have received $45,000 dollars in matching funds.

So, if you want to invest your year-end-giving in an exponentially impactful way, look no further. Your donation to Wild Plum Center will qualify for the Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit (talk to your accountant, but essentially you can get 50% of your contribution amount deducted from your state income taxes) AND will become the vehicle that will bring education into neighborhoods where children and parents need it most!

Who's on board?!

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