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GMA - 5 mm x 20 mm 
Fast-acting glass tube fuses
Product Features
  • Fast-acting, low breaking capacity
  • Optional axial leads available
  • 5 x 20mm physical size
  • Glass tube, silver-plated
  • (63mA-315mA) and nickel-plated (500mA-15A) brass endcap construction
  • Designed to UL/CSA 248-14
Automotive fast-acting glass fuse
Product Features
  • For automotive circuits.
  • Visual indicating glass tubing.
  • Made to SAE specifications.
  • 32 V, 4 A – 30 A
  • Physical size varies with electrical rating of fuse to prevent over-fusing.
  • For mounting in in-line holders, and 1/4” clips.
ATM Blade Fuses
A range of UL® Listed fast-acting miniature blade fuses for automotive and low-voltage circuits.

  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant
  • Test points on fuse housing speeds troubleshooting
  • Industry standard color coded by amp rating

Typical Applications
  • Automotive
  • Low voltage control circuits
PCB Fuse-Clips
Used for ATC/ATM Blade, 5 mm, 1/4” & 13/32” diameter fuses


It’s been 100 years since the  Bussmann  brothers first started producing fuses from the basement of their home. And in that time span,  Bussmann  has grown from providing fuses for horseless carriages and World War II aircraft, to offering more than 30,000 products. From humble beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri, to a global product and distribution network, the  Bussmann  name is synonymous with technological innovation. In fact, over the past 100 years,  Bussmann  products have received more than 3,000 utility and design patents, with more than 350 global active patents.

Today,  Bussmann  products continue to reflect a long-standing tradition of providing fusible circuit protection and electrical safety solutions that help protect equipment and enable reliable, efficient power distribution. And now that Bussmann products are part of Eaton, the industry’s top innovators of fuse technology and circuit breakers have united to provide ultimate leadership in circuit protection.
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