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February 9, 2018 eBrief


Attorney shuts down eviction
LaTonia Williams (pictured), Five Points Law Group, stopped a low-income couple from being evicted from their Centerpoint apartment. LaTonia found that the opposing side had no evidence, no witnesses, and not much of a case, which she then got dismissed. "I hate seeing landlords and their attorneys think they can skirt around the law and just kick people out of their homes," Latonia said.  

Fresh starts for clients 
Attorney  Angela  Kennedy (pictured), Kendra Johnson, and Louis  Mo nt gomery helped eight clients needing fresh starts with Chapter 7 bankruptcies during the BBVLP Bankruptcy Help Desk.
This Help Desk is the linchpin of the new Bankruptcy Program that the BBVLP started last year wit h funds from the American College of Bankruptcy. At the Help Desk, experienced volunteer bankruptcy attorneys screen clients to ensure they would be best served by filing a bankruptcy, which is helpful for  court efficiency and for the client. If the client's financial problems would be alleviated with a Chapter 7 discharge, then the attorney assists them with filing using Best Case Bankruptcy software, donated for pro bono use. 

At the February Bankruptcy Help Desk, two clients were advised to obtain documents needed to file and return to the BBVLP. One client was advised not to file. And five other clients were assigned to pro bono attorneys to file.

In 2017:
SweeterWills 4 Heroes

The BBVLP teamed up with Cumberland School of Law to hold two Wills for Heroes clinics at local fire stations last week. Check out the Vestavia Voice story  here.

Thank you to our volunteers  Cassandra Adams, Cumberland,  Scott Adams, Bradley , Brooks BurdetteBen Cohn, Williams Elliot & Cohn,  Brandon Cooper,  Rachael Dollins, Megan Elder, Kirk Drennan,  Kenny Haynes, Haynes & Haynes,  Rusty Irby, Butler Snow,  Loring Jones, Susan McAlisterAnne Mitchell, Baker Donelson,  Pat MooreCurtis Peacock, Vestavia Hills Police Department,  Eric Pruitt, Baker Donelson,  Susan Silvernail, Marsh Rickard,  Jason Stuckey, Moses & Moses,  Emily Vande Lune, Bressler, and  Lou Willie.
Thank you Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Thanks to the Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Gabriella Alonso, Lightfoot,  Alan Garner, Alan Garner Legal Services,  Brooke Malcolm, Lightfoot Franklin,  Matt McVay, Lane Morrison, Lightfoot Franklin,  Preston Neel, Bradley,  Bernard Nomberg  (pictured) , Nomberg Law Firm,  Matt Roden, Shelby Roden,  Rommie Wheeler, and  Sarah Yates, Bressler.
Attorneys Needed

This disabled domestic violence victim needs a divorce. Her spouse has threatened to kill her numerous times and physically abused her.

This mother of four-year-old daughter needs
a divorce
from her husband who is incarcerated for Attempted Murder and Kidnapping.
I can help.
Thanks Domestic Relations Help Desk Attorneys
Alan GarnerMelinda Guillaume Leon Johnson ,
Susan McAlisterKim Vice (pictured),  Pam Weed , and
Sarah Yates, Bressler. 

Happy Valentine's Day

We love our fantastic attorneys, donors, and board. Thank you!


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