eView Newsletter April 2020
We hope this email finds you well.
We are committed to the continuation of all essential functions that are critical to the operation of our business as well as the support and services we provide to our customers. In this effort, we are currently taking and will continue to take precautions in line with local and national authorities and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As we move forward, we will add measures as necessary, to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and customers. If there is anything we can do for you, please contact us!
Coming Up
To continue to provide the best product training for our customers in the safest way possible, we are providing additional Web Training dates, and on an accelerated delivery schedule. This will prove to be effective training for your team members, delivering each training module segment over a two-day period (each day will provide four hours of training, with a two-hour break in between sessions).

Our Web Training sessions are instructor-led and provide training certification upon completion. Best of all, your team will not have to leave the office (or their homes) to complete this valuable training.


Web Training Suites
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak 7
April Suite (3 sessions remain)

for anyone who uses GAGEtrak Lite
April Suite (1 session remains)

Admin Web Training Suite
for GAGEtrak administrators

Regional Training
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak 7
Troy, MI - May 21-22 (Tentative)

See the full training schedule here.

To register for any of these trainings or for info about our custom training options, please contact our Training Specialist at 1-800-777-7020 ext. 134 or training@cybermetrics.com.
Free Webinars

April 9

April 23

May 7

May 21

June 4

See the full webinar schedule and descriptions here.
Support Portal
Did you know that we have a GAGEtrak Support Portal? The Portal includes a knowledge base for answers to common questions and explanations for any potential issues you may experience.

The Portal is also the most efficient way to create a support ticket and engage the support team.

Click here for instructions on creating a Support Portal account and further info about learning resources.
Tech Tip
Dashboard Pie Charts

One of the great features in GAGEtrak is the Dashboard, which organizes and presents important, time-sensitive information in an easy-to-read format. In the last Tech Tip, we covered the Calibrations Due List on the Dashboard; now, let's explore the pie charts.

The pie charts display the Top 5 Gage Status counts in your system and graphically indicate the number of gages that are coming due, the number of gages that are past due and the number of gages that are not currently due within the date range specified in Settings.

It is important to understand, however, that the pie charts will only display gages with a status of Active or any other status for which you have checked the Include in Lists of Due Gages checkbox within Setup -> Status IDs. This feature allows the user greater control over the disposition of their gages.

Navigate to the Settings -> General tab -> Dashboard Due List pane. The settings chosen here dictate how the program displays due, past due and not due.
  • Start Frequency: when set to 1 Day, the due list will start at today's date.
  • End Frequency: when set to 30 Days, for instance, the list will show all gages due within the next 30 days.
  • Include Past Due: checking this checkbox nullifies the Start Frequency, as this will make the list include all gages that are past due and currently due, up to the End Frequency.
Navigate to the Main Records -> Gages -> Schedule tab. The Next Due Date field is highlighted in yellow for the sake of quick visibility. Per the settings shown in the General tab above, this form will show the following:

  • DUE: A yellow Due box is shown under the Next Calib button if the due date is within the next 30 days.
  • PAST DUE: A red Past Due box is shown under the Next Calib button if the gage is past due.
  • MORE THAN 30 DAYS OUT: No box is shown under the Next Calib button if the due date is more than 30 days out, as the gage is not yet considered due.

Now, go back to the Dashboard and look at the Gage Calibration Status pie chart and legend.
Yellow represents gages that are due based on the End Frequency you entered.

Red represents gages that are past due (if you have checked the Include Past Due checkbox).

Green represents gages that have a Next Due Date more than 30 days out, i.e., not yet due.

The Dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance what kind of workload you have for the day and in the near future so that you can better balance the workload among your available resources. We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.