Greetings employers, 
Sending you best wishes for a fruitful fall season. As we enter into the last months of 2020, we want to remind folks to find ways these next months to also slow down and restore for 2021. The year has been a shock and upheaval – the global pandemic, national unrest, and local wildfires – and in order to stay resilient and make a strong recovery after COVID, plans will need to be implemented by recharged and refreshed teams. How are your teams and departments doing?

In this edition, the Employers team wanted to switch it up with some β€œreal talk” with our friends, partners, and subscribers on this list. For a while, we have wanted to convene a regular group of employers to keep a steady pulse on what is happening in your worlds, yet we are sensitive to how not all committees, advisory groups, or tasks forces are the best use of your time, and that some serve the convener’s needs more than its members. Yes, of course, we would love to hear about all things commute-related in your organization, but we know that as HR, Facility/Operations, or Transportation professionals, you likely wear many hats and hold more duties than just commuter programs. Furthermore, your work has changed as a result of COVID. We know that how busy you are in other areas of your role will affect the amount of time and energy you can dedicate to your commute offerings.

This year has required us to flex our muscles in creativity, empathy, and adaptation. How poised did you feel through multiple periods of uncertainty and how connected did you feel to your teams, partners, and community at large? We would love to connect to anyone who resonates with the following:

  • How do I make the most out of lessons learned this year and operate differently to improve my work with ease and impact?
  • How can I get connected outside of my world and cross-pollinate ideas with other sectors?
  • Where can I share my HR/Ops/Transpo challenges frankly and safely and receive support?

We sense that there are curious readers among you asking yourself similar questions, and invite you to connect with us and discuss what an employer learning circle might look like and what configuration and format would have you excited to engage. If any of the above peaks your interest, please complete this brief survey and let us know if you want to chat further.

Wishing you well,
Virada & Rebecca
Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute
Please share with your staff and let us know how we can help! Thanks for your support.