MoonRise Therapeutics
May 2020
MoonRise Therapeutics During COVID-19
MoonRise Therapeutics, at MoonRise Farm, is slowly re-opening! Our priority is to maintain a safe environment for all who come to MRT. As many of you know, we  closed the farm in order to adhere to state regulations. Recently we began to re-open, first with staff, then volunteers and are now in the process of welcoming the healing herd of horses.

May 18th is the tentative date, we plan to open for clients, families and friends! Of course with many new protocols in place for safety.     

Above is a picture that demonstrates social distancing - a clear example of horses being 6 feet apart but they are constantly communicating with each other and enjoying being part of the herd, even if physically not right next to each other. As always, we can learn from the horses.
Although things are different, we have been busy:
  • Prepped for programs in anticipation of re-opening. Created new signage, established new protocols, gathered appropriate PPE and established new routines for everyone to follow to insure the safety and health of each visitor. Photo, Sienna Whitney prepping at MoonRise. We are following all VT and CDC guidelines.
  • Finished a strategic plan including a revised mission and vision statement.
  • Hosted on-going monthly virtual clinical professional development workshops for MoonRise Staff.
  • Conducted tele-health between clinicians and clients.
  • Created a Community Horse Picture Gallery on the website for those to peruse pictures of horses during this time of social distancing - feel free to email us pictures of your horses and animals -
  • Added a resource page to the website with helpful information, tips, activities, phone numbers, and more.
  • Increased social media presence on instagram (moonrt802 and moonrise farm facebook page). See MRT highlighted on local Williamson Group Instagram and blog.
  • Hosted a virtual volunteer check-in and started volunteer training.
New Signage at MRT
MRT is following all Vermont State and CDC guidelines. The new signage pictured here (and in other specific areas) will direct us and serve as reminders in order to help keep everyone as healthy as possible. A huge thank you for the handcrafted signs from Ben Fox, LCMHC ( Fox Expressive Art Therapy and MoonRise Therapy).
Welcoming our Horse Healers Home!

Bart and Kristall, two new horses at MoonRise, greet each other for the first time. We are so fortunate to have them join MRT during this unprecedented time and increasing need for mental health programs.
Please help SUPPORT us as we SUPPORT our community:

  • WELCOME horses back to MoonRise; prepping fields, mending fences, stall maintenance, and more.
  • Support TRAINING of our wonderful horses so they are prepared to be the lead healers in equine therapy work.
  • Help us SPREAD THE WORD about MoonRise and GROW our Social Media presence - like us, follow us, share our stories and posts (moonrt802 on instagram, moonrise farm, facebook page)
  • Increase your SUPPORT to MoonRise, DONATE NOW and/or BECOME a monthly donor - just $10 a month will make a significant difference!
Strategic Plan to guide MRT for next few years
A group of dedicated volunteers and staff met over the winter and into early spring to create a strategic plan for MRT. The plan will serve as a road map for the next three years. Included in the strategic plan are five main goals.:
  1. Financial
  2. Internal Structure
  3. Clinical Experience
  4. Public Education and Awareness
  5. Prevention and Intervention
Our strategic plan will help MRT continue to grow and expand its capacity to provide outstanding individual and group experiences. 

"MoonWise" ~ New Program Planned with WISE
WISE (Women's Informational Services) and MRT have collaborated to create a new program called "MoonWise." Beginning in June with individual clients and in September, group programming, MRT will offer women an opportunity to explore the farm and work with our horses. WISE aims to end gender-based violence in the Upper Valley through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change. MRT looks forward to building this partnership that will allow for women to deepen connections and relations with themselves, the horses, and other grou p members. Participants will focus on growing their self-awareness, resiliency, confidence, empathy and trust. Working together, the women will increase their capacity to connect and lead and will begin to model this in their daily lives. Time for meditation,  journaling, gratitude practices and/or trauma sensitive yoga will be built into the daily schedule.
MRT Welcomes new Board Member, Dianne Hinaris and
Clinical Administrative Director, Phil Prothero
MRT is so fortunate to have two new wonderful professionals serving our program.

Dianne Hinaris is a small business owner and local entrepreneur. She is an amazing fundraiser, and has a wealth of small business and volunteering expertise. We thank her for all that she has done, continues to do, and look forward to her work as a leader on the Board of Directors for MRT.

 Phil Prothero, is a mental health clinician and has been officially named as the Clinical Administrative Director. He is the founder of  . Redeeming Stories, Inc . Although part time at the moment, his duties at MRT include overseeing all clinical procedures and policies for MRT, providing direct service work, helping develop on-going professional training opportunities and offering overall support and leadership to the work of MRT.
Horse Breaths.. .
We use horse breaths at MRT to help ground and calm ourselves. With these uncertain times a few deep horse breaths always seem to help. The quote below captures this well:

Let deep breaths be like a balm to your soul, let the movement of your body set your mind at ease.  
AmyAnn Caldwell
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