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The 30 second video below is courtesy of the Diamond Jo Casino
Take a Trip Back in Time With One of The Most Beloved Presidents There Ever Was:
"The Kennedy Experience!"

See the world’s largest interactive JFK memorabilia collection including an exact replica of the 1961 presidential Lincoln limousine and never before seen personal items from the Kennedy family!

Through music, video, photographs, hands-on exhibits and rare items under glass, you and your guests will get to know John Kennedy as a man, not just a name in history.

There are items personally owned by the President, in the exhibit, including a sweater he would have worn later that fateful day in Texas given to him on his birthday by Jacqueline Kennedy.
Why Now Is The Perfect Time...
2020 is the 60th year anniversary JFK was elected

We have a big election this year in November

What JFK believed in for civil rights is relevant today

When running for President JFK outlined 10 ways he would help the Native Americans population if elected.

JFK called for an end to Termination and he pledged to “end practices that have eroded Indian rights and resources, reduced the Indians' land base and repudiated Federal responsibility.”

In the summer of 1962, President Kennedy hosted a gathering of tribal leaders at the White House. Kennedy demonstrated that he clearly understood the importance of the Nation’s trust and treaty responsibilities.

His words were met with a sincere and heartfelt blessing from Dennis Bushyhead, a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, who replied, “It is our fervent hope and our prayer that the Great Spirit will put His hand upon your capable shoulders as you guide the Ship of State of this glorious republic through the troublesome waters that lie ahead to the end that someday we will have a healthful, happy, & peaceful world.”

JFK may no longer be with us but his grand nephew, Joe Kennedy lll is in politics and is still working today for the Native Americans rights.

Click the picture to read about how he's doing it!
In the early 1960s, the fundamental prize sought by the Civil Rights Movement was something that African Americans had never known: full legal equality.

By the 1960 presidential campaign, civil rights had emerged as a crucial issue. Just a few weeks before the election, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested while leading a protest in Atlanta, Georgia. John Kennedy phoned his wife, Coretta Scott King to express his concern, while a call from Robert Kennedy to the judge helped secure her husband's safe release. The Kennedys' personal intervention led to a public endorsement by Martin Luther King Sr., the influential father of the civil rights leader.

Across the nation, more than 70 percent of African Americans voted for Kennedy, and these votes provided the winning edge in several key states.

Click the image of JFK and MLK above to hear JFK's Civil Rights speech.

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Several mentioned this would make a great residency
for the right property!

You already know the baby boomers are going to
Love This!

The other properties invited children
from the local schools and awarded them prizes
for the best essay and pictures on Kennedy. Teachers loved it and the parents wanted to attend everything too!

This extraordinary exhibit makes a great special viewing party for VIP's the night before opening!

This just feels good to be a part of and people feel that!
All the casinos we work with advertise and market their events very well but whats nice about having the JFK Experience is, the local news wants to come out and cover it too! They want to help spread the word and be associated with such a positive experience!
Click the image above to see a fun and informative story of the JFK Experience covered by the local news channel while it was booked at the Minnesota State Fair.

It shows the exhibit and interviews Fred (Nick) Ciacelli, the owner and creator of this amazing experience! There was over 20,000 visitors a day to this special exhibit!
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