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Newt Managed PBX,
NEWT goes "beyond telecom" 
October 2015
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Newt Managed PBX
Managed - So You Don't Have To

NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System is an end-to-end, low risk voice solution operating over the proprietary Fibernetics CLEC network. Business calls traverse our private network, not the Internet, thus ensuring optimal call quality and security, while providing a service that businesses can depend upon.
This managed solution allows the NEWT PBX the supervision of the call path from start to finish, allowing for quick diagnosis and resolution of voice network issues should they arise.
When a competing phone solution uses the Internet as part of the call path, it is impossible to manage the call quality from end to end. Premise based systems also require ongoing maintenance, complex system set-ups and require traditional costly phone lines.
NEWT Managed PBX has simplified the system set-up and installation, eliminated the cost of business phone lines, and offers optimal Quality of Service. Over 30,000 Canadians count on the NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System and benefit from its reliability, call quality, extensive feature set and flexibility.
NO IT Department? No Problem!

Jenn Bailey, Director of Business Administration from Connexus Community Church in Barrie shares how their NEWT system is user friendly, versatile and feature rich.
ThreeThe word telephone means:
"to talk far off"

People have sought better and faster means of communicating as far back as the cavemen. African natives used tom-tom drums and North American Indians used smoke signals. The Romans sent message by trained runners on foot, and mounted riders have been used to carry messages for centuries. The use of carrier pigeons was another means of long distance communications. In later years more sophisticated devices, such as the semaphore, the heliograph and then the Morse Telegraph were developed. All of these provided a back drop for the invention of the telephone.
FourDid you know?

We produce unique and creative On-Hold Productions to inform and educate your callers while on-hold. We'll work with you to determine your "Caller Profile" and develop an effective On-Hold Production tailored to your specific "type" of caller, or company objective.

We make it simple with:
  • Creative script writing & production
  • Professional female/male voice talent
  • Licensed background music
  • Choice of message updates per year
  • Bilingual