How do you build a rural movement?
Figuring it out
Last week, Center for Rural Strategies staff and allies began brainstorming how we build a movement of rural leaders and connectors who will make our country smarter, greener, and more inclusive.

New support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation makes possible time and resources to grow the Rural Assembly's mission and reach in ways that can positively influence outcomes for all the people in all the places.

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Rural Assembly Participates in Active Living Research Conference
Whitney Kimball Coe, Director of National Programs and the Rural Assembly at Center for Rural Strategies, spoke Monday at the 2019 Active Living Research Conference in Charleston, SC about inclusion, access and who matters.
Just Two More Weeks to Submit an Idea for the Rural Arts and Culture Summit!
The 2019 Rural Arts & Culture Summit will take place October 3-5 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This year they are particularly interested in session ideas that address the idea of "Creative People Power" in rural places.
Down Home and High Tech: Innovative Rural Communities Receive National Recognition

"High-speed internet connections and innovative leadership are resulting in economic boons for small towns and rural areas. The Rural Innovation Initiative recognizes nine such communities around the United States."