November 18, 2019
Attorney spotlight: Greg Cook (Balch)
Attorney and VLB volunteer Greg Cook

In his professional practice, which centers on financial services and commercial litigation, Greg Cook works with clients whose cases often involve millions of dollars and take years to resolve. 

When he volunteers with VLB, the cases may seem small by comparison—but to Cook, that’s beside the point. “I’m there to help somebody’s life get better,” he says. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers!
Thanks to all of the attorney volunteers who shared their time and expertise to assist clients at recent Help Desks. Remember, we always need more volunteers—sign up here !
Bankruptcy Help Desk
George Babakitis
Ted Stuckenschneider

Civil Help Desk
Thomas Amason III (Balch)
Robbie Anderson (Balch)
Thomas DeBray (Balch)
David Fawal (Butler Snow)
Xan Flowers (Butler Snow)
James Hill, IV (Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford)
Margaret Loveman (Butler Snow)
Karen McClure (Schwartz & McClure) 
Trey McClure (Schwartz & McClure) 
Katie Powell (Butler Snow)
Matthew Swerdlin
Alexander Thrasher (Bradley)
Chris Yeilding (Balch)
Emily Vande Lune (Bressler)
Jessica Zorn (Farris Riley)
Student volunteer: 
Victoria Myers

Domestic Relations
Help Desk
Sonia Graham
Deborah Gregory (Crittenden)
Melinda Guillaume
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Kimia Moshiri
Amanda Schafner (Schafner Law Group)
Jeremy Thomas
Donnetta Washington (Washington Law)
Student volunteers : Rudolph Munnerlyn, Sara Rogan, Ramona Russell
Homeless Help Desk
Christopher Doty (Smith Bahakel)
Bob Dow (Maynard)
Priscilla Kelley

Veterans Help Desk
Joshua Jones (Bressler)
Ruth Robinson
Amanda Schafner ( Schafner Law Group)
Walter Williams
Student volunteers:
Olivia De Quesada
Raygan Kilby
Mark Marti
Kelsey Thabes

Woodlawn Help Desk
Chris Hawkins (Bradley)
Alex Goldsmith (Encompass)
Sarah Wright (Encompass)

Can you take a volunteer slot next week?

Go into the holiday week feeling thankful for the chance to volunteer at a Help Desk! We still have slots at the following:

Civil: Tuesday, 11/19 and
Thursday, 11/21
Domestic: Wednesday, 11/20

Encompass Health and Bradley have adopted the Woodlawn Help Desk by sending attorney volunteers every month to provide free legal assistance to the residents of this historic community.
A clean slate for a Turning Point client
Through Project Renew, a Turning Point client had her driver's license restored and her Birmingham fines and fees dismissed after completing 36 hours of community service.

Because the client also had old tickets in Homewood, VLB attorney volunteer Kathy Collier (right), along with VLB staff attorney Wilson Myers (not pictured), then went the extra mile to accompany the client to Homewood Municipal Court. They succeeded in getting her Homewood tickets dismissed with no fines or court costs—giving the client a clean slate and a fresh start.
CORRECTION: In a previous VLB communication, the names of Pro Hops Vino! host sponsors Leigh Ann and John Smyth were misspelled. We regret the error and thank the Smyths along with all of our sponsors for their generous contributions.
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