HIGHLIGHTS DECEMBER 2018 | E-Newsletter Issue #12
A word from the President: A Year that changed many Stories!
Welcome to the last edition of HIGHLIGHTS for this year.

Last year, we had our best year ever . We reached out openly to our stakeholders and to the community. The result was a huge increase in the number of services delivered and the beneficiaries supported.

As we come to the end of another year, it gives us time to reflect on the past one, of which Makhzoumi Foundation teams have had very busy and successful times. Some of the achievements were new project s implemented, new agreements with partners for more community empowerment and pioneering activities that emanate from our strategic objectives.

Here’s ia glance at some of our achievements. It is fair enough to say that all Makhzoumi Foundation staff are very proud of the many successes and accomplishments that they all have experienced and implemented.

We would like to wish all of you luck and happiness as you enter 2019 and we hope you read this issue and do let us know about your comments because your input is much appreciated.

May Makhzoumi
SDG5 Goal Leader
Featured Story:
A year that changed many Stories!
Makhzoumi Foundation celebrated the end of year with all its staff in a happy and hopeful spirit.
The Will of a better Tomorrow

400 students graduated from the vocational training program within the “Economic Empowerment of Local Communities and Displaced in Lebanon” project in cooperation with Positive Planet.

Launching of another Information Technology Step

This is a New Promising Year for another fruitful collaboration between Makhzoumi Foundation, ITLS-LB and Certiport toward Empowering students to achieve more in technology.
Celebrating 20 years of Community Empowerment

Makhzoumi Foundation has worked for more than 20 years on improving the education , health, economic, development and social a of individuals and families.
Afkar III in its second Part

Makhzoumi Foundation celebrated the closure of its project within AFKAR III with its partners Armadilla, MIO ECSDE and ALMEE to promote sustainable development in Bekaa area.
More Toward Supporting Breastfeeding

Makhzoumi Foundation, UNICEF and the Ministry of Public Health furnished a breastfeeding room in the primary healthcare center in Mazraa to support mothers.
Believing in a future of Tolerance

The Global Hope Coalition honored HE Deputy Fouad Makhzoumi after choosing him as a hero of the global campaign against violent extremism and intolerance in 2018.
An Investment in Technical Knowledge

Makhzoumi Foundation held a graduation ceremony for 1500 young men and women in collaboration with the Italian organizations AVSI and CESVI through a UNICEF Fund.
Advocating for children to Learn and Play

The launching of the fun bus and its related activities is an initiative supported by the European Union, UNHCR and Makhzoumi Foundation to advocate for the rights of street children to play and learn.
A collaboration to launch Robotics Sciences

Makhzoumi Foundation signed an agreement with The Little Engineer to develop children’s abilities in robotics and protect them from addiction to internet and electronic games.
A New Award for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

The Women and Business Development Council honored Mrs. May Makhzoumi during the Second International Conference entitled Strategic Planning for the Management of Development: Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
A cleaner Mediterranean Region

At the National Meeting for Sustainable Integrated Water Management, SWIM and Horizon 2020, funded by the European Union, Makhzoumi Foundation presented its environmental projects.
Makhzoumi Foundation wins the Golden Chef Medal

Makhzoumi Foundation supported the International Festival of the Golden Chef of 2018 in Sharm El-Sheikh and Lebanon won the international golden medal through its champion team.
Getting Rid of Diabetes

On the World Diabetes Day 2018, Makhzoumi Foundation and LAU screened 500 persons for diabetes in Spinneys Jnah.
The Digital Freedom Hackathon

Makhzoumi Foundation supported the International Festival of the Golden Chef of 2018 in Sharm El-Sheikh and Lebanon won the international golden medal through its champion team.
16 Days of Activism

Makhzoumi Foundation stood against child marriage during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign and raised awareness about the different drawbacks resulting from early marriages!

CITI Micro-entrepreneurship Awards

Makhzoumi Foundation every year joins the CITI Micro Entrepreneurship Awards project that supports the small entrepreneurs  of  Lebanon  with the YMCA by awarding the most innovative and successful businesses initiative.
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