We reached our year-end goal! We are thrilled we raised $20,032! Achieving our fundraising goal is an important affirmation of our work. So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support will help realize our 2020 vision in support of Massachusetts public schools :

  • to make sure that the promised funding gets to the students who need it,
  • to fight privatization, and
  • to replace discriminatory high-stakes testing with fair and helpful assessments. 

Open our emails (and follow us on Facebook and Twitter ) to learn about actions, events and other ways you can stay involved and help us realize this vision in the coming months. If you are interested in volunteering for one of our three areas of focus -- testing, funding or privatization -- contact me about joining the CPS policy ci rcle in that area.

Policy circles are open to CPS members, board members and others who agree to participate in monthly meetings (or calls) to develop policy positions, content and actions for the organization in an issue area. 
  • For example, our testing policy circle has developed a series of fact sheets, including one on how the state standardized test system hurts students of color and another that fact checks the myths about MCAS testing.
  • Our privatization policy circle members developed a fact sheet on the fight against charter school expansion in New Bedford, which formed the basis of CPS testimony at a State House hearing on charter school legislation.
  • Our funding circle will be educating activists about the Student Opportunity Act and monitoring its implementation.

See details below and RSVP today for two upcoming events, an event with author Diane Ravitch on Feb. 26 and a CPS house party in Arlington on Feb. 9.