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Thursday, December 20, 2018
Hosea 4 begins with "Hear the word of the Lord, you children of Israel: for the Lord has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land." Verse 6 says, "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you..." The context is God's people turned away from God and no longer practiced truth, mercy or knowledge of God. The knowledge of God provides relationship, wisdom, discernment, truth, love, and justice. When God's people reject his knowledge, destruction follows. It is imperative God's people stay in relationship with him, especially these days, for there are those who seek to destroy.
The New York Times (NYT) has published an investigative story that illustrates just how important it is to draw close to God and seek his wisdom and discernment. NYT revealed how a group of Democratic Party technology experts conducted a secret project during the Alabama Senate race to deliberately misinform voters so that Democrat Senatorial candidate Doug Jones would defeat Republican Roy Moore. The project emulated the very same tactics the Russians employed during the 2016 presidential election. It used Twitter and Facebook to target conservative voters, use false information, promote third party candidates, and encourage write-in candidates. 
Jones defeated Moore by 21,924 votes out of over 1.3 million ballots cast. Interestingly, there were more than 22.800 write in votes. Democratic Party operatives are denying that the $100,000 secret project made any difference in the outcome, but it's difficult to discount a relationship between those 22,800 write in votes, which would not have gone to Moore, and the 21,924 vote margin of victory for Jones. They are downplaying it because they know full well it worked. NYT reports that the secret project brought together the immediate past "president's" tech experts funded by the co-founder of Linkedin using American Engagement Technologies as a pass through and Investing in Us as a collaborator. 
Investing in Us told the NYT that their "purpose in investing in politics and civic engagement is to strengthen American democracy." Destroying the American republic is more likely the goal. Here we have a NYT narrative that the Russians taught the Democrats how to disrupt elections. That doesn't meet the straight face test. The left has weaponized social media and truth has become a hidden riddle. This is just one example. This type of deception is occurring in all facets of societies across the world. It is easy to be deceived and believe things we want to believe, but they may reflect only small truths sewn into the fabric of lies. As men and women of God, we need to draw closer to Him, seek his wisdom and pray for discernment that we are not deceived. 
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Bill Wilson


Caring for those even the Church ignores: 
The Disabled in Ghana

By Pastor William Agbeti

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UN figures put persons living with disabilities in the world at 20% of the global population. 80% of this number can be found in developing countries. In Ghana alone, there are some 3 million persons living with various forms of disabilities. 
Our Ghana ministry serves where others will not.This two-day residential program for children with disabilities provide food, clothing and recreation

Their plight is demoralizing. Many in the Ghanaian society consider them taboos. Scores of local churches have not opened their doors to them. Several families neglect their disabled children, to fend for themselves. Sadly, some communities go to the extreme to put a newly born disabled child into a mortar and use a pestle to pound it to death, with the belief that their souls will not return to the communities again. In the main, the disabled are ostracized from the society. Only a handful of homes, families and communities treat them with a modicum of respect and acceptance. Read the rest of the story by clicking here

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