November 2019

To move into the future, we must look different
For Women of the ELCA to survive and thrive into the future, it must look “radically different,” said the organization’s Executive Director Linda Post Bushkofsky.

“The structural model that we are using goes back to the 1860s and 70s. It doesn’t fit today’s time,” she said in her report to the executive board that met in Chicago, Oct. 17-19. “If there is going to be a women’s organization of the church into the future, it needs to look radically different than it does now.” Read the story.
Help nominate the slate of executive board members
Nominations are open for secretary, treasurer and churchwide board members for the 2020-2023 triennium. Voting members of the Eleventh Triennial Convention, July 14-16, 2020, will elect four officers and 17 board members. The president and vice president are elected by ecclesiastical ballot, and thus no nominations are received at this time. Learn more and find the form here.
Registration is open for the Gathering 2020 in Phoenix
Registration for the Gathering 2020 in Phoenix, Ariz., July 16-19, is open. You can register online or download a registration form and mail it.

Early-bird registration is $325 through January 6, 2020. After that, registration is $375. Day registration is $200.

We can’t wait to see you! Visit to register and learn more.
Learning to see God's beloved
“For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

What are the scripture passages that most inform your spiritual life? A Christian artist shares how she slows down to experience scripture. Read Cafe's faith reflection and monthly topic, "Learning to see God's beloved," by Mary Button.
Changes are coming to Gather's digital issues. Watch for them.
In November, Gather will phase out the mobile app currently used on iPhone, Google and Android-based phones and tablets. In its place, Gather will use a new technology that allows its digital edition to be viewable on mobile devices via . You don't need to do a thing.
Let's live like we're blessed. Because we are.
Women of the ELCA in all its expressions is blessed with the dedication of thousands of faithful women who continue serving and giving and loving and acting boldly.
Apply for a RUHWG seed grant
Application materials for the 2020–2021 Raising Up Healthy Women and Girls’ seed grants must be postmarked or emailed by December 15, 2019. All applications must
be submitted by active units of Women of the ELCA who are familiar with the Raising Up Healthy Women and Girls initiative and the criteria of this program. Learn more.
How did your Thankoffering service go? Tell us about it.
Have you held your Thankoffering service? Let us know how it went. What did you do this year that you didn't do last year?

If you haven't held your Thankoffering service yet, you can download it in English and Española.

Interchange going all digital
In January 2020, Interchange is going digital. The cost of printing and mailing requires the change. As always, you can download Interchange and Intercambio (the Spanish issue) online. To sign up to receive a copy by email, complete the Stay in Touch form on the website. For more up-to-date news, you are in the right place as a subscriber to Bold Connections .
Sign up for Daily Grace
Daily Grace is an on-the-go companion for your journey, offering a faith reflection every day. Encounter God’s extravagant, boundless and often surprising grace by  signing up for a daily email message . You can also download the newly updated app for your  IOS  and  Android  devices.
How to get a red Just Love shirt
When you register for the Gathering 2020, you can order one (or more) of our Just Love long sleeved T-shirts. You will pick them up at the event. Shirts are $25. Yes, they are long-sleeved because convention centers are chilly. Plus, many of you live in areas where long-sleeved shirts are handy. You can thank us later.

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