To All Who Care About Wolves,

We suspect it comes as no surprise to hear that those in power in Idaho want to kill as many wolves as possible. Idaho's Senate just passed a fast-track bill to kill 90 percent of their wolf population. The legislation, SB 1211, is expected to sail through their House as early as Monday and then head to their governor's desk. But we could still get him to stop this unconscionable slaughter if enough of us deluge him with requests.

We need your help speaking out by Monday morning (details below). And we need to get the TRUTH through to him, which is this: 

Ranchers' and hunters' arguments against wolves are bogus.

Read on to learn why there is no justification for Idaho's planned slaughter and how to contact their governor. 

The Big Lie about Wolves vs. The Truth

In their rush to "do real journalism" by telling both sides of the story and/or to appease ranchers and hunters, the media has fallen into a trap of "both-sidesism" in which they keep listening to and sharing a flat-out lie. Example: April 22 New York Times article  Ranchers say wolves are destroying their businesses; hunters say wolves are decimating deer and elk populations. But neither statement is true.

In reality, wolves cause LESS THAN 1% of cattle deaths. Most deaths are due to weather, disease and poor husbandry. And there is no verifiable evidence to support wolves driving ranchers out of business.

Meanwhile, Idaho's deer and elk numbers have been ABOVE their own Fish & Game Department's objectives.  In fact, prior to the 2020 hunting season, Idaho's Deer/Elk Program Coordinator called the recent spate of excellent harvests "the second Golden Age of Idaho elk hunting" and said it was likely to continue. It did. The 2020 elk harvest in Idaho was sixth highest of all time, and second highest in the past decade. Read Idaho's March 2021 deer & elk report

Contact Gov. Little Today, Regardless of Where You Live*

Phone: 208-334-2100

Use your own words or take inspiration from the talking points below. Then share this email with your connections.

* It doesn't matter if you live in Idaho. Tourists exert great influence and are a vital income stream. If you were planning to visit Idaho to see wolves and other wildlife, tell Gov. Little that and say you will boycott his state unless he vetoes SB 1211. Or you can simply tell him you are a concerned citizen who is appalled by the barbaric slaughter of our vital apex predators under false pretenses.

Talking Points to Share with the Governor

  • Wolves cause less than 1% of cattle deaths. Most deaths are caused by weather, disease and poor husbandry.
  • Deer and elk populations are not declining due to wolves. In Idaho they've been thriving.
  • Killing wolves is inhumane and unscientific. It ignores the vital role wolves play in ecosystems and the importance of intact family units. It causes social disruption, which can lead to increased predation.
  • Wolves and other predators do not need to be "managed." Their populations are self-regulating for a myriad of evolutionary reasons.
  • The vast majority of Americans are not OK with bringing wolves back to the Northern Rockies only to kill them all over again.
  • Wolves bring in vital tourism dollars. Protecting wolves could be much more valuable to Idaho in the long run. 

Thank you so much for your voice and support. We can only create a better world for wildlife with your help.

For all that is wild and free,

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense

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"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it,
but that it is too low and we reach it."

- Michelangelo

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