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Dear King County Cultural Advocates,

NEW! We just got word that the Regional Policy Committee have added a meeting on Monday, November 20th at 11am. This meeting was at the request of the committee to learn more about Doors Open in preparation for their vote on November 27th. They will not be taking public testimony, but as always, welcome constituents to write emails expressing their support. We encourage folks to watch the meeting by clicking here.

We are now less than two weeks from the first potential vote of the Doors Open program! We are so grateful for all of you and your incredible advocacy that has gotten us to this point. We are approaching the finish line and need your voice now more than ever! Since Wednesday, we have since tracked 55 emails that have gone to councilmembers. Doors Open needs 300 before Thanksgiving, help us get there!


1.    Send an email to your King County Councilmember by clicking here. The template letter is completely editable, and we urge you to add a few sentences about why Doors Open is important to you and/or your community to personalize your message. If you have already written to your Councilmember, we need you to write again to demonstrate your ongoing support.


2.    If you live in Auburn, Bothell, Redmond, or Bellevue, please send a separate email from your inbox expressing your support to your local representative who serves on the Regional Policy Committee. You can use these template letters to draft your own.

·      Vice Chair, Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus: [email protected]

·      Redmond Mayor Angela Birney: [email protected]

·      Bothell City Councilmember James McNeal: [email protected]

·      Bellevue City Councilmember John Stokes: [email protected]

3.    Forward this Action Alert email to your networks of cultural supporters and encourage them to complete these two action items.

Click to send an email to your coucilmember!

The Final 30 Days of Doors Open

Below is the calendar of the final 30 days of the Doors Open process. We share this in hopes that you will be fully engaged at every possible opportunity. Every meeting is public, and we encourage you to tune in virtually and watch the proceedings. Councilmembers take note of how many viewers are watching and use that as a gauge for public interest and support.

Monday, Nov 20th at 11am: Regional Policy Committee & Committee of the Whole

Added meeting for RPC and COW members to ask questions related to Doors Open. No public testimony. Watch the meeting by clicking here.

Monday, Nov 27th at 11am: Regional Policy Committee

At this meeting, the RPC is expected to vote on Doors Open. No public testimony. Watch the meeting by clicking here.


Wednesday, Nov 29th at 9:30am: Committee of the Whole

Doors Open is on the agenda and will be up for discussion and possible amendments. Possible public testimony, sign up to speak here. Although COW cannot pass legislation, they may vote at this meeting to refer Doors Open to the full council for passage. Watch the meeting by clicking here.


Tuesday, Dec 5th at 1:30pm: Metropolitan King County Council

The Council will discuss and possibly vote on Doors Open. Possible public testimony, sign up to speak here. Watch the meeting by clicking here.


Tuesday, Dec 12th at 1:30pm: Metropolitan King County Council

The last opportunity for the Council to discuss and vote on Doors Open. Possible public testimony, sign up to speak here. Watch the meeting by clicking here.


We imagine you may have lots of questions and we want to bring you up to speed. Join us for a briefing of the Doors Open program and our plan to secure King County approval. To ensure good communications, we will be hosting an Open Office Hour, every Tuesday, 12:30-1:30 pm. Click here to register! And feel free to share this invitation with members of your team and community that need more information.


The Inspire WA Team

2024 WA State Legislative Session

Believe it or not, the 2024 Washington State Legislative Session is just around the corner and the Inspire WA team has been hard at work meeting with members of the legislature across the state in preparation for another great year for culture.

Manny and Jessi toured 22 cities across our state this summer and were inspired by your work and heard loud and clear the needs for continued new funding. We are excited by early conversations with our partners and look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!

Statewide advocacy activities coming up:

  • SAVE THE DATE: Feb 7, 2024 - Arts, Heritage, and Science Day
  • District Teams: Our Outreach Coordinator, Madeline, will begin assembling district teams in a few weeks! Please email her if you are interested in participating: [email protected]
  • Legislative Agenda: Stay tuned for our announcement regarding the 2024 Cultural Sector Legislative Agenda and Virtual Rally!
  • Cultural Futures Report: We will soon be releasing the 2023 report based on our 2023 state tour. Take a look at the 2022 report in anticipation!

Join Inspire Washington!

We have worked tirelessly to represent your cultural programs and secure financial support, including the transformative Working Washington 5 grant program and the upcoming Covid Relief grants. But there's still so much left to do. Inspire Washington must remain visionary, ambitious, collaborative, and aggressive for the cultural sector. Please consider investing in our advocacy objectives by joining as an invested cultural partner. We exist because of the growing list of partners that pledge and pay dues every year. Like you, it's been a hard year for us so we ask you to seriously consider joining our circle. Click here to learn more

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