Dear Interest Group Members,


illustrated-sun-boats.jpg We trust that everyone is into summer time relaxation mode. Yes, the lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us allowing us to go off the radar.


But... can we ask you to do some summer musing? Please email IPNIG your thoughts for public education activities, stories of nursing successes or unique ways to educate the public on the huge diversity of nursing services that independent nurses deliver. It would be fantastic if each member sent one idea! We'd have 600 new ideas to promote INDEPENDENT PRACTICE NURSING. Yeah!


At the Annual General Meeting on November 29, 2014 (read 2014 minutes) a decision was made, that over the next two years, as a group we'd collectively educate the public using social media, news articles, exhibitions and public speaking engagements. The goal would be to describe the many community specialized nursing services delivered by self-employed, independent practice nurses. Our previous two years interviewing the public alerted us to how little the public knows of the specialized nursing care services provided outside of a hospital setting.


IPNIG has accomplished the first of three major activities for the public education campaign. For National Nursing week, May 11, 2015, IPNIG published nursing stories submitted by our membership in a newspaper centrefold. Thank you to all who assisted us in this endeavour by submitting your stories! Our campaign was further expanded into a twelve page printable public education booklet. All IPNIG members can access the link from our web site. Be sure to read the Rally Call to ALL independent Practice Nurses to participate. Share the information! Print and distribute the booklet to educate friends and associations of the importance of full utilization of all nursing care services.


Please help us to make our public campaign a huge success! Spend some time "musing" this summer and send us your thoughts (email IPNIG) on how to promote recognition of independent practice nursing. Continue sending your nursing stories of successful health care outcomes. This Fall we will post your stories on the IPNIG web site.



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Contact us for support and we'll help in any way we can.


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