We all know it can be extremely difficult to navigate the challenges teens face every day. It is no different here in the Santa Clarita Valley. In the past few months alone, our students have seen devastating fires, evacuations, and even the unthinkable loss of their classmates and friends. Then there are the “normal” struggles they are constantly bombarded with, with very little understanding on how to manage. Our kids need help. It is our job at the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project to serve them.

The Youth Project is a non-profit service organization that has provided FREE counseling to teens in the Santa Clarita Valley for the past 20 years. Students have sought assistance from the Youth Project for support with mental health issues like depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, anxiety, grief, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, trauma, problems within the family unit, sexual assault, anger, bullying, sexual identity, cutting, pregnancy, and so much more; and now to pile on the events of the last few months – it’s too much. These issues do not go away without help. Teens across the valley who typically would be able to work through everyday challenges are now feeling even more overwhelmed and misunderstood, living with heightened levels of fear, an increased inability to cope, and an unshakeable feeling of hopelessness.

Students are picking up the pieces. Teachers and administrators are picking up the pieces. Parents are picking up the pieces. We are all fighting our way back, but we have a long way to go. And we cannot do it without YOUR HELP.

The Youth Project remains 100% committed to providing these extremely necessary services. Right now we continue to serve students beyond what we can accommodate in the long run. We are providing an increase of services, with a fraction of the resources. We have never said “no” to a teen asking for support, even with the current budget constraints. We push, we stretch, and our staff does everything they can to provide help, but we cannot continue at this rate without the proper foundation.

“There is no shame in asking for help;” that is something we share with kids every single day. We all know how difficult that can actually be. However, the time has come to take our own advice, to turn to you and ask for your help.
In honor and in celebration of our 20 years of being an active, committed, FREE support system for countless teens of the Santa Clarita Valley, we at the Youth Project ask you to consider becoming an Angel Investor of our organization. Your investment will make such a huge impact on the students in the SCV, today and for the rest of their lives.

Will you please find it in your heart to make a donation of $1,000? Our goal is to find at least 20 angels who will step up and make the commitment to be part of a movement that focuses on the teens of our community and their emotional well-being. Can we count on you to make this donation and to share with those who may also want to be part of such an important time in our kid’s lives?

It’s time to say YES to our Youth. 
Any support is welcome and needed … Become an ANGEL INVESTOR NOW or click here for an option that best fits your giving options …OR PLEASE MAIL YOUR DONATION TO: THE YOUTH PROJECT, PO BOX 801982, SANTA CLARITA, CA. 91380. If you would like to establish a multi-month or multi-year giving campaign, please reach out to  Kim Goldman

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of our request,
Kim Goldman, Executive Director and the Board of Directors